Spongedry & Foundation Blender Review
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free in exchange for my totally honest opinion. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

Does anyone else use a beauty blender or some other kind of makeup sponge and feel totally awkward about where to put it after you’ve used it? It’s wet, and either is clean, or still has makeup on it, and surfaces have dust or germs or will make it dry unevenly and just seem generally unhygienic? I’ve tried propping it up in someway, but it always ends up falling over. It usually ends up on my dresser where I keep my makeup, which I happen to not dust nearly as often as I should.

So, I was scrolling through instagram a few weeks ago and came upon this cute little stand for a beauty sponge and left a comment about how it was a really clever product. I was so very lucky and fortunate enough that the company ended up sending me their products to try out and I very quickly fell in LOVE.

Basic Beauty Tools is a recently launched UK based company solving the problem of awkward and unhygienic beauty sponge placement! The Spongedry is a really cute and practical way of allowing whatever your favorite beauty sponge to properly dry, and be ready for the next use (extending the life of that sponge!!) It’s collapsible and comes with a little pouch for easy storage in your makeup or travel bag. Plus looks classy and cute up on your vanity.

If you want to see any demos of the Spongedry in action, click HERE for their Youtube page!

The Spongedry comes in 4 different colors (black, purple, pink, and white), and also comes with their very own FoundationBlender sponge with your Spongedry purchase. For a total of $18.99. Pretty dang affordable.

Pictures from basicbeautytools.com

I actually really like the sponge as well because it has a rounded side for easily blending foundation out, and also a flat side that comes to a point. That was a real game changer for me. The flat side really gets into and nook and cranny of your face, making blending anywhere a breeze. I love it for blending out my concealer underneath my eyes because I can easily get the inner corner, and right up against the lower lash line. Super easy to bake, or just add some powder to set your concealer as well. Also, the flat side makes contouring, and cleaning up a contour with translucent powder super super easy. It’s a really affordable sponge too if you ever are in need of a replacement – only $6.99. Comes in three colors – purple, black, and pink.

All in all, the Spongedry is one of those great products that really makes your life easier without you having to put in much effort. Absolutely worth purchasing!

PS – If you’re interested in this, Basic Beauty Tools is currently offering a DISCOUNT for you guys! 10% off your purchase until March 31st, 2017 but using the code INTRO10, so get on it!

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