4 Ways To Calm The Crazy Of Your Twenties

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Life can be truly crazy and overwhelming sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean a majority of the time. Especially when you’re in your twenties and have to do way too many adult things but still feel like a kid, and want to call your mom every few minutes.

Most days I feel like I’m in a constant state of juggling way too many things with not enough hands. My boyfriend, Scott, and I are in the process of trying to buy a house and it seems like we can’t catch a break.

One week it’s realizing that our rent at our apartment is increasing by 40% when the lease is up. The next it’s yet another offer we put in falling through, or not even getting a response at all. It’s been a disheartening process. Not to mention all the other day to day stuff to stay on top of. Laundry, work, dishes, feeding myself things other than junk, the list goes on.

It can be really hard for me to not feel completely overwhelmed by trying to stay on top of my life. Adulting is hard, right? Bills, cleaning, house hunting, nannying, taking care of myself, not losing my mind, seeing my friends, maintaining my relationship, sleeping a somewhat normal amount, and so on forever. Where was my college class in prepping me for adult life. Somehow my endless amount of 8-10 page papers didn’t require any knowledge of what real life consists of, although I can make a properly cited bibliography like nobodies business.

I’m no pro at staying on top of things. I have meltdowns on the regular. It’s a wonder I’m even writing this post lol. But, I do feel like at 26 years old, I have a bit I could share on little tips and tricks I have that bring on a little bit of peace amongst the crazy.

    1. Planner & Scheduling
      • Having a planner is so so so helpful for me. Like, it’s crucial. This one is what I’m currently using. I pretty much always have it on me and I write down everything. Work. Birthdays. Events. Health symptoms I want to track. Bills. Food I need to eat that week before it gets moldy. Appointments. Goals. To-Dos. So many things.
      • It really helps me to get everything swimming around in my head down onto paper. I can see things I have coming up, plan properly, and stay on top of my life just a little bit better than if I didn’t have a planner.
      • Before you commit to a planner, maybe just try writing things down in a journal for a week or two and see if you think it may help.
    2. Morning Reflection
      • Lately I’ve been taking 10-15 minutes in the morning to myself. I drink my coffee, write in my journal, look at my planner for what I have coming up in the day, and just chill. It brings me a bit of relaxation and calm, and is a nice way to start the day.
      • My boyfriend has similar morning habits he does everyday when he wakes up, and he feels it has really made a difference in setting the tone for his day. He’s sorta where I got the inspiration to start having my own morning routine.
      • It doesn’t have to be exactly what I do either. It could be meditating for five minutes. Reading a chapter of your favorite book. Jotting down your to-do list for the day. Have a cup of tea. Going over what goals you have for yourself. Just something for yourself that jumpstarts your day in the right direction.

  1. Weekly Pampering
    • Sunday nights have become my night for me. I don’t do the same thing every single Sunday but it’s usually some variation of: bath, face mask, hair mask, painting my nails, and chilling.
    • It’s a little way to recharge for the week coming up and it always feels good to take some time for yourself and make sure you’re feeling your best.
    • Plus, if you’re someone like me with a million thoughts running through your head, it can be a designated time to think some of them through. Instead of being distracted during the day, or having a hard time falling asleep at night.
  2. Talk It Out
    • Sometimes when your mind is going wild with the million things you have to do, it really helps to just let it all out. The planner and writing it down can be really good for that, but talking it out can really be helpful as well.
    • Hopefully you have someone in your life that you feel comfortable chatting with. Sometimes just hearing things out loud can bring some clarity than just letting it brew in your mind.

I wish I was one of those people just floating through life on a cloud of calm, handling everything that comes their way with grace and ease. But, I’m not. Probably never will be. However, I’m learning that as I get older life definitely doesn’t get any easier, so I need to be better at managing the crazy. These little things that really don’t take up that much time, have helped me feel a little more in control, and hopefully can help you feel the same!


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  1. Crazy to think when I was younger I thought planners were for nerds and ancient people, but having a planner really can be incredibly helpful regardless of any age 🙂 With morning reflection, then walking works wonders for me in getting out that negative or bland headspace.

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