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If your hair is a little lacking in the volume department, this post is definitely for you. I was recently gifted Rootie the Rootlifter by Voloom, and tried it out this past week so I wanted to share a little about my first impressions. I’ve never seen anything like this, so major props for being such an unique styling tool.

It sorta looks like your average flat iron, but when you actually look at the plates themselves, you see all the grooves that give your hair the boost it needs. The idea is that you take the layers underneath your top layer of hair, and use Rootie on those underneath layers, which leaves behind crimps. Once you’ve flipped your top layer of hair back onto the crimped layer, you’re left behind with volume!

I used to straighten my hair all the time, but as I got older I realized just how flat that would leave my hair, and so I switched over to curling my hair instead. So, to test this out, I decided to straighten my hair like the good old days, and put the Rootie to the test.

Just as I remembered, straightening my hair left me with flat limp hair, seriously lacking in any sort of volume whatsoever. I flipped the top layer of my hair over and clipped it so it was out of the way, then with the Rootie I crimped all the layers underneath. I would go down to about the top of my ear, and only needed to hold the iron on my hair for a few seconds before the crimps were defined. Then I repeated the same steps on the other side of my head.

Result? Some really pretty volume! Definitely gave my straight hair some lift that it so desperately needed. It reminded me of the really pretty blow out results you get at the salon, that I can never quite replicate at home.

Verdict? Clearly it works. Volume was definitely achieved. However, I’m not sure this is going to be a new go-to tool for me, because having to straighten and then use an additional tool to get me volume is a bit too much work for me to do on a regular basis. But, it would be great for a special occasion when I am straightening my hair, or even if I’m not, but my hair style requires some more volume that I can’t achieve otherwise.

I think the Rootie would be perfect for the girl who has naturally straight hair, and wants a really easy way to add some volume. It takes maybe 5 minutes tops, and would add that little oomph that might other wise be missing.

Thanks so much for reading! Do you think you’d want to try this styling tool out? Let me know below!

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