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I’m always on the hunt for new ways to save some money. Even if it’s just a few dollars here and there, it always adds up. My boyfriend and I have a budget we made for ourselves to limit our spending and increase our savings, which includes a grocery budget, and we really try to stick to it every time we shop. These tips and apps I use help me not only stick to it, but often times, even go under our budget, which means more fun money, or more savings if I’m feeling particularly responsible.

Some of these might be no brainers to you, so feel free to skip ahead if that is the case. I wanted to outline them all though because sometimes I feel like I’m sorta aware of something, but I don’t want to ask for clarification and be the one weirdo who didn’t know about something. Adulting is weird. You know what I mean?

Plan In Advance

Planning what you need in advance is a great way to save yourself some money. As the week goes on take notes of what you run out of, either in your phone or in a notepad. Scott and I have a dry erase board on our fridge that we take notes on during the week when we are out of something. Also, plan your meals in advance, at least a little. This way you can go to the grocery store with a list ready to go, which will help you keep your shopping limited to what you actually need and not just picking things up here and there because they look good.

Look Around The Store Carefully

At most grocery stores, deals are listed all over the place, in little flyers when you first walk in, and throughout the aisles. Sometimes we can skip over them, but paying closer attention can mean extra cash in your wallet at the end of a trip! If you see an item you purchase regularly is on sale, then stock up!

Sign Up For Member Cards

A lot of the time there are extra deals just having a loyalty membership to that store, which typically is free. And sometimes using your loyalty card will earn you discounts elsewhere, like at Giant, you can get discounts on gas.

Use All The Apps!

Each of these work a little differently. Some are coupons that load up automatically to your grocery store member card, some give you cashback, and some just clue you in on where to score the best deals. But each are really helpful, and add a few dollars back into my wallet, which I’m a big fan of! And btw, each of these apps are FREE! To find any of these apps, just search for their names in the App store!

KrazyCouponLady – Best Deals
This app doesn’t specifically save you money, but it contains all the best deals happening at grocery stores and pharmacies, probably others but that’s what I use it most often for. It shows you the deals, and exactly what you need to achieve those low prices, whether it’s coupons, cash back apps, or whatever else. Just good to scroll through once a week or so to see what deals are going on and what you might be able to take advantage of.

Ibotta – Cash Back
$10 bonus when you sign up HERE!
I use this most often because I find it to be easiest to use, and the bonuses they have are awesome. You pick your store, and then scroll through to see what offers are currently available. To get your cash back you just have to upload a picture of your receipt, and check off which offers you qualify for. They review your submission and then give you money! Usually happens pretty quickly for me.
You can withdraw your money either to PayPal or Venmo (both have $20.00 minimum) or you can get it back in the form of a gift card, typically $20 – $25 minimum.
They also have a Teamwork feature, which I havn’t personally used, where you and your friends using the app can reach certain bonuses together.
Plus, they have plenty of offers for other stores besides grocery! Online shopping offers, and many others.

Checkout 51 – Cash Back
This works the same as Ibotta, where you upload your reciept and get cash back. I personally don’t feel like this one is quite as user friendly, but I still use it here and there. They also have bonuses where you can get even more cash back.
To get your money, you can request a check when your balance reaches $20.

SavingStar – Cash Back
This app is cool because each offer you activate will automatically be added to a shopping list so you have it compiled in one place on the app. Depending on where you shop you will either upload your member card or upload receipts to get discounts or cash back.

MobiSave – Cash Back
Same as the other cash back apps, you look for the deals in the app, then upload your receipt and the money goes straight to your PayPal account (no minimum!)

Coupons – Save Money
I don’t love how this app is organized, but I still use it pretty much every time I grocery shop. You have to add your member card for this one as well. Then, you just scroll through the offers, or you can search as well, and select whichever one applies to that trip. Then when you are checking out and scan your member card, or enter your phone number, the discounts automatically are applied!

Target App: Cartwheel – Save Money
Cartwheel is the best. It’s through the Target app and right on the homepage there’s a link that says cartwheel offers, which shows you all the current offers going on at Target, and when they’re valid till. Also, while you’re shopping in the store, you can take each item, and scan it on the Target app and it will tell you if that item has any offers, and if not, similar items that do have offers. To redeem your savings, you just pull up the Wallet button and your cashier will scan the barcode. Boom! It tallies up all your savings, and to date, I’ve saved $138.26!

PS – Make sure you have a Target debit card to save 5% every single time you shop! That adds up real quick, especially if you do lots of shopping there!

I hope some of these help you to save a little extra money each time you run to the grocery store. Happy shopping!

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