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HI friends!!! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted to the blog, and that’s mostly because I’ve been quite preoccupied with some things going on behind the scenes.

Outside of planning 2 weddings…..🙃…..Scott’s also has some big things going on. He recently got a new job!! And it’s fully remote!!! Over the last year of working from home, once the initial shock wore off and he got into a routine, he realized just how well it worked for him. (and really, the both of us) We’re so excited for this new opportunity and that we get to continue to both be working from home together! It’s great he will get to work in a situation that really suits him. We’re also not TOO too far off from having kiddos, so I’m especially excited that he will be able to be around a whole bunch more than if he were to be working in an office. What a blessing!

Something we’ve been discussing a TON over the past few years or so is where we’d like to eventually settle down. For so long we knew we would have to plan this around Scott’s work location, which was always in the DMV, even though we dreamt of trying out a few other areas. We’re pumped to now have the freedom to choose where ever we want to live! Even if it ends up being in the DMV, we’re excited that we will be able to give a few other places a try first before eventually deciding.

With this change to his job, we are moving out of our apartment we’ve been at for three years and setting off on a bit of an adventure before settling down into our home. We’re planning spend some time in a couple of different places we’re considering moving to, as well as some other places we want to explore just for fun! We’re well aware that our time to be adventurous and spontaneous (in a kid-free way) is coming to a close, so we’re trying to take FULL advantage of this time! Plus, we’re ready to make up for lost time from this past year being stuck inside.

We’ve talked about doing some type of trip along these lines for a while, but it’s one of those things I never truly thought would happen. It was too hard to coordinate and just didn’t really work. And we’re not super adventurous or spontaneous people! But we’ve been presented this golden opportunity and are TAKING IT!

First stop – Philly! We’ll be there for a bit over a month to explore and see how we feel about living there. Then Colorado, Portland, and Seattle. We’ll be visiting some friends in Colorado, and will take some time to camp in Seattle!

Then we will head back to the east coast to Richmond, VA, staying there for a month. This is a place we’ve considered settling down for a really long time, we’ve actually gone and visited twice to see how we feel about the possibility of moving there. We’re definitely excited to try it out for an extended period of time to really get to know the area!

After that will be New England for the fall, probably the part of the trip I am most excited about. I am 100% basic and 100% obsessed with fall and everything about it. New England in the fall is my DREAM. Particularly Salem, which we will be visiting for Halloween! Gimme all the fall vibes and pumpkin spice lattes, thx.

After New England we will head to Austin, then back home for a little while, where we might try out Raleigh for a brief time to consider settling there. We’ll do Thanksgiving and Christmas at home, then head off to New Orleans for New Years + most of January. Gotta make up for a not too exciting 30th birthday for Scott this year. After New Orleans, things are a bit more up in the air. Possibly Florida, where Scott’s parents live during the winter, or possibly somewhere else to keep traveling?! Maybe just back to the DMV. We will have some wedding stuff to do I’m guessing, since our big ceremony/celebration is at the end of May 2022, so that part we will have to see how it goes and what makes the most sense.

I can’t believe we’ll be doing so much!!! It’s crazy to think about it. We’re such homebodies, but I’m so excited to be pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone a bit and doing something so fun! After doing not much of anything over the past year I think we are ready to have some FUN!

I can’t wait to document our adventures over the next year and really enjoy this time together as newlyweds. Essentially we’re having a year long honeymoon! Sounds good to me. Thanks for reading!!! I’ll be sharing more soon 🙂

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