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How is it possible that since my last update so much has happened, yet so much still needs to happen!?

I wrote my last update towards the end of January, and at this point we’re nearly 70 days out, so I guess it would be kinda a problem if much hadn’t happened. Since I last shared, we’ve tackled catering, decor, florals, rentals, lighting, sound, bridesmaids, groomsmen, cake, Katubah, finished pre-marital counseling, started planning the ceremony, figured out the wedding rings we want, sent out save the dates, and probably more that I can’t think of. It’s been a lot!

We’re fortunate that a good friend of Scott’s mom is a caterer and has stepped in and helped a bunch. She’s going to be our caterer, and has connected us with a company that is handling ALL things decor including florals, lighting, and all the little bits and pieces that make up a wedding. We recently went to Scott’s parents house (our venue) and walked through the backyard planning exactly what the ceremony will look like, the reception, the dancing, and even the little bit of an after party situation we’ll have going on. It really felt like we pieced everything together and we could envision what it would all look like. While it’s “just” a backyard, I have full confidence that it will be completely transformed into a beautiful venue for our wedding!

I also love that the place we’re getting married is where our relationship truly began at little 8th graders!

They’ve since sent over a proposal outlining everything and it sounds absolutely amazing!

Our caterer also recommended a baker who does the most stunning wedding cakes, and we are trying those out next weekend. We selected latte, lemon poppy seed, and coconut to try, and we CAN’T wait! I’ll definitely share pictures because she is incredibly talented and transforms these cakes into works of art!

Last weekend we went to Brilliant Earth to try rings on because we both had no idea what we wanted, and I wasn’t sure what would look best with my engagement ring. I’m really glad we tried things on in person because I was leaning towards one wedding ring that I ended up not being a fan of at all, and the saleswomen helping us recommended a ring that I didn’t even have on my list to look at, and I’m 99% sure it’s what I’ll end up going with! That actually happened with the engagement ring as well.

We also had a Zoom meeting with our Cantor to start planning the actual ceremony. Definitely made things feel SO much more real to walk through how things will go on the day of. Everything has been around planning and rescheduling and decisions which has been a big distraction from the fact that we are getting MARRIED. We have a few ceremony decisions to make, and then that will be all ready to go!

Next, I need to figure out bridesmaids dresses, get our invitations all taken care of, get the glass for Scott to break at the end of the ceremony (jk I have since ordered since I originally wrote this!), and a bunch of other bits and pieces. I think at this point the big things are taken care of, but it’s all the little things that still need to be checked off the list. And of course there’s things we need to do for next years wedding! Yikes. This weekend will be about checking off as much as we can on the wedding to-do list!

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