New York City

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If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy eating, then this blog post ain’t for you.

Day One

  • Arrived in the city around 2ish, dropped our bags off at the hotel (The Flat Iron – just okay), and then went to get some food.
  • Our first stop was at Pomme Frites

    • SO GOOD.
    • They literally only serve fries and dipping sauces.
    • The frite sauce, which is free, was a little too sweet for my liking. But, we also tried the roasted garlic mayo, rosemary garlic mayo, Vietnamese pineapple mayo, and parmesan peppercorn. Honestly, they were all really really good. Free samples of any of the sauces so you can try before you commit.
    • Scott and I split the large, we both said we could have probably split the double but only if that was all we were eating.
    • It’s a small little shop so be prepared to be a little crammed, and be flexible on where you end up sitting and/or standing.
  • Then, we split a slice of pepperoni pizza at Artichoke Pizza

    • YUM.
    • Realllllly big slices – they give them to you on two paper plates because they’re too big for just one.
    • You pick your pizza and they crisp/warm it up in the oven for a few minutes.
    • A bit on the saucy side, but it was still really good.
    • Limited seating, we just stood outside and ate it.
    • Known for their artichoke pizza, but we didn’t get that, looked good though!
  • Met up with my parents, got a quick snack before our show at the Cosmic Diner (very meh, but easy and quick before the show)
  • Saw Groundhog Day!

    • I was sorta skeptical of the show, because I’m a big fan of the movie and I didn’t know how they’d pull it off. BUT, it was really really good. Super cute and funny. Scott, my parents, and I all approve big time.

Day Two

  • Scott and I woke up early to grab coffee the two of us at Birch Coffee

    • Super cute little coffee shop, great place to hang for a couple hours.
  • We met up with my cousin and went to Brooklyn (via cab) to Smorgasburg
    • Outdoor food fest of restaurants around the city that happens every weekend with SUCH good food. We ate a ridiculous amount.
    • Go earlier rather than later to beat the lines. Bring cash (some vendors take cards), water bottle (free filling stations), sunscreen, and an empty stomach. Maybe some friends too.
    • We ordered a lot, but shared pretty much everything to try as much as we could.
    • We started with mozzerella sticks at Big Mozz

      • Really big, definitely sharable. Probably my favorite thing from that day.
    • BrunchStreet
      • Brunch on a stick. Quail eggs with lots of different breakfasty or other kinds of toppings. Unique and delicious.
      • We tried the original (ehhh) and the south (my favorite)
    • John’s Juice
      Jacket (similar) | Bag | Jeggings | Sunglasses
      • Freshly squeezed juice served inside fruit! I got the watermelon (the most expensive, I think)
      • It’s a loooot of juice, I’d recommend sharing, or preparing to have to pee a lot.
    • Ramen Burger
      • The last time I was at Smorgasburg, the Ramen Burger line was the longest so we didn’t end up getting it, however this time we did.
      • A little hard to eat, but absolutely amazing. Served only one way, so not for picky eaters probably. Get it if you can!
    • Ring Dings
      • These looked so good, but ended up being a bit of a disappointment. We got a box of 6 to split, and all of them were way too sweet for our liking.
      • If you’re interested, just start with one to see if you like them.
    • Dulcinea Churros
      • Churro ice cream sandwich with dulce de leche. Need I say more. Messy, but amazing.
    • Carnal
      • My boyfriend and mom split the beef short rib.
      • Longest line they had to wait in, but it was later in the day so more people had arrived by then.
      • It was good, but they both felt it wasn’t good enough to have waited as long as they had to. And it wasn’t even fully hot when they got it.
    • Homefrite
      • Just fries. Super long line, but moves fast. You get a dipping sauce along with it. Amazing.
      • I can tell you from experience that even if the people you’re with claim they don’t want any, they will steal some anyways.
    • Can you tell we like to eat?
  • Heatonist
    • Little hot sauce store, really close to where Smorgasburg is.
    • You can sample most of the sauces they sell (if not all, I’m not sure).
    • Unique sauces you won’t find just anywhere.
  • We picked up red velvet cake to have later that evening from Lassen & Hennings

    • They have individual slices already packaged and ready to go. I grabbed a slice of a lemony crumb cake kinda thing that was pretty good, but just make sure you get the red velvet. I’m someone that doesn’t even like cake and I loved it.
  • The place we wanted to go for dinner ended having an hour long wait, and we were all hungry (if you’re wondering how that’s possible, it’s because we all have second stomachs for New York.)
  • We ended up at a little Italian restaurant called, Bella Napoli. It was okay, but nothing special.

Day Three

  • Morning coffee at Seven Grams Caffe, another solid coffee shop. I liked the other one better, but Scott liked this one better. This one had more pastry/bakery items to choose from though. But for coffee, you can’t go wrong with either.
  • Walked the High Line.
    • I’ve done this a bunch of times, but never gets old to me.
    • Really great way to see a lot of the city, from a different vantage point of the sidewalk.
  • Lunch at Chelsea Market
    • Mostly food, but some shops too! It can be a little overwhelming to decide what to eat, helps to look into all the choices ahead of time.
    • Limited seating, some places have seating, and there are some random seats throughout. We found a table and then went one at a time to grab our food. Other times, my group has all grabbed food and then we went up to the High Line and sat there.

    • I got a Cotechino sausage sandwich from Corkbuzz, my mom got a Napoli sandwich from Coppones, and Scott got Japanese Curry Beef and Spicy Tuna tacos from Takumi Taco, the beef was his fave.
  • HAMILTON – the whole reason the trip happened.

    • Exactly as amazing as everyone says it is. Can’t recommend enough.
  • Dinner at Smith & Wollensky, but there’s two sections of the restaurant and we went to the grill section. It’s a bit more casual. Still expensive though.
    • My parents and I all got the roast beef hash, which comes with a super runny egg and hollandaise sauce. It’s a bit greasy, but it’s really good. This was the one place my mom wanted to go, to get that exact dish. Scott got a fillet mignon, he devoured it. We shared the hash browns and brussels sprouts. Get the hash browns! And try a different veggie, brussels sprouts were just okay.

Day Four

  • Last day, and only a half day for us.
  • We walked around Eataly for a while, got some coffee and snacks for the bus ride.
    • Italian market with some restaurants as well.
    • Amazing desserts – we got the 8 pack of minis to share.
  • Grabbed smoothies from a Juic-o-logy near our bus stop, really refreshing. I got the Big Bird, but substituted the coconut water for apple juice (fresh squeezed), and took out the maple syrup. Yum.


In summary, food, food, more food, Hamilton, and food.

Top recommendations: Smorgasburg and Hamilton (duh)

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