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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now because this backpack not only is affordable, but is absolutely perfect for traveling. It was my carryon bag last summer when Scott and I took our trip to California, and it was great as my carryon, and for the little day trips we took exploring different cities.

I picked it up on a whim, wasn’t really in need of a backpack at all. But I thought it was really cute (duh), and thought it would be great for our trip. Plus, I can never say no to Target!

The main compartment is huge, so if you’re someone who just throws everything in the bag, you may not like it. Things definitely could get lost in there. I personally use little zip pouches to organize my bag, especially when I travel, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I highly suggest either grabbing some of those, or a bag organizer. Helps to get the most use out of the space as well!

I felt like it could hold a lot while still holding it’s shape and not looking to bulky or weird, which is always a plus. And even when we had it all the way stuffed at some points, even with my laptop and books, it was still comfortable to carry because of the thick and cushioned straps.

It’s nylon, so its really easy to clean and wipe down if you get anything on it. I didn’t really have any issue getting it dirty since I have it in black.

The front pocket is great as well, a really good size, and perfect for items you need to grab more frequently and keep handy. The side pockets are perfect for water bottles, or anything else you need to keep easily accessible but doesn’t need to be zipped up. They’re pretty big!

My favorite feature is the zipper pocket on the back of the backpack. I always am paranoid about my valuables getting stolen, especially while I’m traveling. So this pocket is hidden when you have the backpack on, and was perfect for my phone and wallet!

It comes in a variety of colors, but I grabbed the black so Scott wouldn’t mind wearing it too much ?Not sure he would have been too happy about wearing a blush pink backpack lol.

It’s only $29.99, and is great quality. It’s held up super well so far! I have a lot of trips this year, and plan on bringing it as my carryon for all of those as well.

Definitely recommend you picking it up for any travel, day trips, or whatever else you have planned. It’s honestly just a great bag to have in your closet for when you need more space than your purse can handle.

It also would make a great diaper bag, so much room for all your baby essentials. Great school or gym bag too!

PS if you don’t believe me…it has over 125 reviews and is rated nearly 5 stars! I looked through the couple negative reviews on the bag as well, and they all seem to be from around a year ago, so perhaps Target fixed those issues! But overall, this bag has rave reviews!

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