Affordable Over The Knee Boots

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On an embarrassing amount of occasions I have found myself lusting over Stuart Weitzman over the knee (OTK) boots. They’re just so pretty, and slim, and look like they’d go with every outfit. I’d like one in each color, each heel height, both with and without the ties on the back. Please and Thank You.

However, their price point doesn’t exactly agree with my wallet, like, AT ALL. Not even a little bit. And I while I do think they seem worth the investment, that just is not an investment I can afford to make while living off a nannies salary. Anyone else feel me on that?

SO, I have been on the hunt for some much more budget friendly versions of these gorgeous boots, in a variety of colors and heel heights, both with and without ties, that would fill the slim OTK boot shaped hole in my heart.

I’ve found some that look NEARLY identical, you can barely tell the difference. Even if not identical, all are equally as gorgeous, and definitely would be able to be styled the same way you would with the real deal.

I’ve broken them down by price range, just so you can decide what exactly affordable means to you. Cheapest is $39.99 and max price is $239.95. I know, that may seem unaffordable to some, but the real deal regularly go for $650 and higher! So, just wanted to provide lots of options for all sorts of budgets. I’ll definitely be shopping from the $50 and under category, no lie! Thank you Target!

FYI – Most of these come in a few different colors, usually black, gray, and brown.

Happy boot shopping!

$50 & Under

$50 – $100

$100 – $150

$150 – $200

$200 – $250

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