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Feeling majorly #blessed to have received the absolutely beautiful Floral Utopia collection by a longtime favorite brand, bareMinerals. It was a PR package, but all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own!

I was surprised when I got this package in my mailbox a few weeks ago, and over the moon excited. It’s bareMinerals spring launch and OMG is everything gorgeous.

I’m going to break down the products, give a few first impressions and thoughts, and share what I think you might want to grab for yourself!

GEN NUDE Eyeshadow Palette in Bouquet

I absolutely LOVE bareMinerals eyeshadows. Their Aurora Lights palette is one of my favorites, it even made the cut in my Stand Out Products From 2018 post. So needless to say, I was v excited to try a new palette by them.

These colors are absolutely beautiful! The shades are a bit warmer than ones I typically gravitate towards, but I love all the pink and purple hues.

The formula of their eyeshadows is honestly one of my favorites. So creamy and smooth. Some fallout, but not nearly as much as some other brands I’ve tried – including one that was majorly hyped! The blend so easily. One of the reasons I love bareMinerals is I feel like their products are all very user friendly. Eyeshadow can be a little intimidating to some, but these are foolproof!

This page on their site gives you a better view of swatches on a few other skin tones, if you want to take a look!

Shades are:

  • Daisy & Confused – a matte golden peach
  • Sweet Cherry Blossom – a shimmery golden pink
  • Stay Golden Poppy – a shimmery warm pink
  • Red Red Roses – a matte cool muted red
  • Dark Dahlia – a matte deep plum
  • Dusty Violet – a metallic smoky purple

I definitely think I will bring this along with me to my Florida trip. I love the size of it, makes it really easy to travel. And I think the shades make it really easy to do day time/low key looks, or more dramatic night time looks. I’m thinking of doing a post showing a few different looks with this palette, thoughts?

Just want to note that when I swatched these, the matte shades did feel dryer than my other bareMinerals palette matte shades. Not sure how they blend yet, but will keep you posted.

Not feeling these shades but want to check out the formula – here is some of their other small palettes in other colors.

GEN NUDE Patent Lip Lacquer

These are a new product to me, and I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. When I first saw them, I thought they were a liquid lip, but upon opening the tube I thought they were a gloss. Really – their neither. They’re a lip lacquer, meaning they’re basically a hybrid of a lipstick and a gloss. They’ve got the pigment and lasting power of a lipstick, but the shine and moisture of a gloss.

These each are SO pigmented. With the glossy formula, I didn’t expect the pigment to be so intense, but it really is! Very comfortable to wear as well, and minimal stickiness. Definitely last longer than a gloss, but they don’t ever dry down so you likely would have to reapply at some point throughout the day.

Shades (L-R):

  • My Sweet Peony
  • Put Tulips Together
  • Orchard-ing Around
  • Hibiscus…Bye-Biscus

Now because the pigment is so intense, some of these colors are a bit too bold for me. Put Tulips Together is really intense on me, but I think this would be absolutely stunning on darker skin tones. They all would really, they’re just intense on my pale skin.

My Sweet Peony is by far my favorite. Really pretty pinky nude shade that I see myself wearing all spring and summer. Really in love with this one!

Same order as above

The others are still pretty, but I think I may want to find a way to sheer them out a bit. Perhaps overlaying a clear gloss overtop? I’m not sure yet.

Highlighter Stick

This is not typically a product I would gravitate towards, but am really glad to have gotten to try it out. It’s really pretty, but I personally find it on the glittery side, versus the glowy side. What I mean by this is that a typical highlighter doesn’t really have chunky or specks of visible glitter, but gives you a glow. This highlighter stick definitely has some glitter to it.

I still like it though but I haven’t been using it to highlight my cheekbones as you typically would with a highlighter. I like using it on my lids, either by itself or on top of shadow to give some shimmer. On the middle of my lips when I’m using a lipstick to add a little something. And when summer rolls around I think this would be absolutely gorgeous as a collarbone or shoulder highlight.

Duochrome Shades:

  • Indigo Girl – opalescent white to violet
  • Orange Blossom – rose gold to yellow gold

Brush Trio

Alright well obviously these brushes are gorgeous. I haven’t used many bareMinerals brushes, but so far these feel SO incredibly soft.

This brush set comes with three brushes, one being double ended.

  • Seamless Shaping Finish Brush – sheer application and blending of finishing powders, luminizers and bronzers.
  • Blooming Blush Brush – applying pressed or loose powder blushes. The angled shape lets you sculpt cheekbones, while the domed tip diffuses and softens edges.
  • Expert Shadow and Liner Brush –  tapered eyeshadow brush for all-over application and contouring, plus an angled brush for lining.

If you don’t have brushes already, this is a pretty solid little set to cover a lot of what you would need. I think

GEN NUDE Powder Blush

Now these I didn’t actually swatch or use, so I can’t speak on my thoughts on them besides the colors. My naturally rosy cheeks are a blessing and a curse but they mean that I rarely if ever use a blush. Plus, these shades look like they’d be too intense on my skin.


  • Blooming Poppy
  • Lover’s Rose
  • Tropical Orchard
  • I’m Freesia

On Sephora, it’s rated 4.7 stars from 90+ reviews! After reading a bunch of the reviews is seems like generally people find this blush to be buildable, easy to blend, and look very natural on the skin. Have any of you tried this blush? Let me know below so I can add it to this post!

Some product information is from the bareMinerals Website. Check it out if you want to read more!

Isn’t this a gorgeous collection? It’s getting me SO in the mood for spring and wearing all these beautiful colors! Hope this gave you an idea of some great spring-y products to try this season!

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