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Decluttering is all the rage, and I personally feel so much better when there is less clutter around me. It’s something I’m constantly working on, but I know how it can be SO overwhelming when you’re starting with a LOT of clutter.

It can be really tough know where to begin the decluttering process. If you’re anything like me, then that feeling of being overwhelmed on how to even begin, can make it hard to get started at all. Then the clutter just keeps on piling up and it becomes impossible to make any progress whatsoever.

I know the struggle.

So, I put together a list filled of things you can get rid of RIGHT NOW that you don’t even need to give a second thought to. You can go through the list one by one and find those items and toss ’em! If it makes sense, of course. You might not be able to get rid of every single thing on the list, but hopefully it will help you just get STARTED, inspire you to keep going, and make a dent in the clutter!

Ready, set, gooooo!

101 Things to Declutter RIGHT NOW

Kitchen + Pantry

1. Tupperware containers missing lids/bottoms

2. Expired sauces, dressings, or anything else in the side door of your fridge

3. Expired food in the fridge + freezer

4. Expired food in the pantry

5. Disposable chopsticks hanging out in your junk drawer

6. Dish towels you never use because they don’t actually absorb any water (ps these ones do!)

7. The bag of plastic bags (most grocery stores have a place to recycle those!)

8. Silverware/measuring spoons that have gone through the garbage disposal and are jacked up beyond repair

9. Spices that are basically empty, or have clumped up

10. Kitchen appliances that are collecting dust

11. Old coffee makers you no longer use

12. The plates, bowls, cups, etc. that you avoid using because they have a chip in them

13. Lunch boxes that smell weird

14. Discolored and/or smelly tupperware

15. Cookbooks you’ve never even opened

16. Baking dishes you don’t use

17. Sheets + pans that are stained and don’t work that well, and you generally avoid using

18. Extra sets of salt and pepper shakers

19. As Seen On TV kitchen gadgets that sounded like a good idea at the time but don’t work nearly as well as they should, and now you never use them (anyone else?)

20. Whatever weird stuff you keep in your junk drawer that you know you’ll never ever use

21. Carryout menus from places you’d never order from

22. Excess mugs that always stay in the back of the cabinet unused

23. Anything in the freezer with freezer burn

24. Dull knives

25. Excess silverware

Bathroom + Medicine Cabinet + Linen Closet

26. Expired medicine

27. Towels that smell funky or have holes

28. Cleaning supplies you’ve had for years that have gunked up and gotten all gross

29. Any empty boxes or bottles that were used up but never got thrown out (bandaids, medicine, etc.)

30. Used up shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. that needs to be thrown out

31. Excess hair removal items – dull razors, waxing kits you won’t use, etc.

32. Old bandaids that no longer are adhesive


33. Hair styling tools you don’t use

34. Any makeup, hair, body, etc. products you haven’t touched in a year, and deep down know you never will

35. Beauty + perfume samples

36. Makeup brushes you don’t use

37. Old eyeshadow that has that film on top of it from not being used in so long

38. Any makeup in a tube that is almost used up but you keep thinking you’ll be able to scrape out a bit more of it

39. Those too bold lipsticks you thought you’d wear all the time, but go completely untouched

40. Extra hair brushes or combs

41. Hair clips, headbands, bobbi pins that are bent and don’t stay

42. Dried up mascara

43. Nail polish that doesn’t apply well

44. Dull nail files

45. Expired perfume that smells off or is discolored

46. Skincare products that don’t work for you

Office + Papers

47. Instruction manuals (they’re all online!! maybe double check that first though)

48. Any old school work or study materials

49. Notebooks you’ve filled up

50. Copies of bills + bank statements (make sure you have them available to view online – also, go paperless!)

51. Cards (unless they wrote you a nice note inside)

52. Magazines you’ve saved

53. Gift wrapping supplies you have or saved that won’t ever get used

54. Used up tape dispensers

55. Unimportant receipts

56. Expired coupons

57. Planners from previous years

58. Pens that no longer work

59. Books you’ve already read that you wouldn’t reread

Closet + Bedroom

60. Costume jewelry you never wear

61. Earrings missing a pair

62. Old Halloween costumes

63. Excess throw blankets

64. Shoes that hurt to wear

65. Any clothing items with stains that won’t come out

66. Tangled necklaces you can’t untangle

67. Free tee shirts you received that sit at the bottom of your tee shirt drawer

68. Spare buttons

69. Excess decorative pillows

70. Pillows that have lost their shape or are stained

71. Sunglasses with scratches or have gotten too loose

72. Decor you no longer like

73. Clothes that no longer fit

74. Hangers you never use

75. Socks with holes in them or missing a pair

76. Stockings with holes or runs in them that aren’t fixable

77. The trash collecting on your nightstand


78. Old cell phones + chargers

79. Miscellaneous cords and chargers

80. Headphones that don’t fit into your phone jack anymore – looking at you iPhone users

81. Phone cases with cracks or fit old phones

82. Extra sets of speakers

83. Extra USB drives

Garage + Storage

84. Opened boxes you haven’t taken out yet

85. Old sports gear of yours or your children that isn’t used anymore

86. Luggage with broken wheels or zippers

87. Holiday decor you don’t like anymore

88. Exercise equipment collecting dust

89. Paint cans you won’t need again

90. Duplicate tools

Wallet + Purse

91. Used up gift cards

92. Old keys

93. Receipts you no longer will need

94. Various trash sitting at the bottom of your bag

95. Loyalty cards to places you don’t go anymore

96. Old ticket stubs + subway/bus cards


97. Used up candles

98. Random rubberbands you’ve held onto

99. Games + puzzles with missing pieces

100. Lanyards and keychains you don’t use

101. Storage containers + bins you don’t use

Alright, how did that go? Were you able to finally get started, and begin to make a dent in the clutter? Which room do you think needs the most work?

I hope this list was helpful to jump start your decluttering process and give you inspiration on what you can get rid of RIGHT now.

Have any other items that should be added to this list? Comment them below!

2 Comments on 101 Things To Declutter Right Now

  1. WOW! An amazing amount of work went into this blog post. There is a ton of info that I would never have though of.
    I can tell you itโ€™s definitely difficult to live with 4 other growing people in a house built for 3-4 lol.
    I will see if I can use some of these tips to make it a bit more enjoyable. Thanks!

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