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Sharing below some of the TOP decluttering hacks so you can get all your decluttering projects done quickly and efficiently! Decluttering can feel like an overwhelming process, and sometimes just getting started is the hardest part!

These decluttering hacks are what I turn to over and over again to help me make progress as I sort though all the things. Read this and you’ll feel ready to get going!

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1. Start With The Easy Stuff

This is my tried and true declutter hack I go to again and again. When you’re sitting down to finally sort through whatever it may be, it is super easy to feel very overwhelmed and not even know where or how to start. You can see all the different things you need to get through, and it can be a bit paralyzing to get going.

I always like to start with the easy stuff. Whether it’s trash I can toss right away, things I can easily pick out and know where they need to go, or whatever else feels easy to me, that’s my go-to. It’s a great way to see progress in your pile quickly, and get into the flow of the decluttering process.

2. Make Sure Everything Gets A Place

Once you’re all done sorting and you’ve figured out what’s trash, recycling, donate, sell, and most important, KEEP, it needs to be a crucial part of your decluttering plan to make sure all of those keepers get a place. Put them away!

Putting them away in their place and making sure all of your items have a place is a big part of stopping clutter before it can start! If you know where everything needs to go, it’s easy to just put it away rather than leaving it out somewhere, in a pile, or in a random place waiting for more stuff to pile up on top of it.

3. Be Realistic With Yourself

There are so many things we end up keeping or holding onto because we *think* we may use them someday, but in reality, they are sitting somewhere collecting dust.

When you decide on your keepers, or go around your house looking for things to get rid of, really be honest with yourself. Are you ever going to use that mini muffin tin, or do you just like the idea that maybe one day you’d make mini muffins? Are you ever really going to do an at-home pedicure and use that foot soaking tub?

Take a look at all the items that are going untouched, being held onto just in case, and evaluate if they’re really worth taking up that space.

4. Do It Early & Often

Another important decluttering hack in stopping the clutter before it starts – doing it early and often.

Don’t let piles start at all! Put things away immediately. Sort through the mail. Set aside 10 minutes once a day/week and put away anything that’s been left out or deal with any piles that are starting to form. Make this small effort so that it doesn’t end up being a huge overwhelming project to tackle!

5. Remember That Different Decluttering Strategies Work For Different People

There are so many wonderful and helpful decluttering posts out there filled with advice, tips, and all the hacks! And even if there are common things being shared, it’s still important to keep in mind that different strategies work for different people.

There’s no one right way to declutter! Whatever works best for you is the best strategy for you to use.

For some, slow and steady over a long period of time might be best. For others, going as fast as possible. For me, I start with the easy stuff, but maybe you would work best leaving that for last!

Don’t get hung up too much on the strategies. Pick and choose what might be helpful for YOUR process, and ditch the rest.

6. Take Breaks If You Need It

Although you might be feeling ambitious and wanting to get all the decluttering done in one swoop, it might not go that way. Don’t burn yourself out trying to get it all done. Decision fatigue is REAL!

Take breaks if you need them, whether it’s a 30 minute break during your session, a day break before getting back to it, or longer. There’s no rush for this process! Don’t stress yourself out trying to get it all done right away. Take the breaks when you need to, and you might end up finding you get it done sooner when you give your mind that time off!

7. Use The Hanger Flip Trick

This is a pretty commonly used one, but a great hack nonetheless. In your closet, flip all your hangers with clothes on them the opposite way. Then, each time you wear something, flip the hanger back the right way. In a few months, see which hangers are still backwards, aka the clothes you haven’t touched in months. Ditch em!

8. Come Back To Emotional Items Later

I struggle the most with things that I have an emotional attachment to, and I know I’m not alone in that. I personally give myself as much time as I need with these items, and am pretty generous with what I keep. This is something I’m trying to work on, but this strategy has helped with some of those items.

For emotional attachment items that are “maybes”, I put out of sight for a week or two. Then I’ll come back to them. I’ll consider, did I think about them? Did I visit them? Did I miss them? Sometimes the answer is yes, so it’s an obvious keep. Sometimes the answer is no, but they still feel like keeps to me. But I usually end up with some items that I realize I haven’t thought of and wouldn’t miss, and am able to toss out those.

It’s not a perfect system, but it’s been helping me recently.

9. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Take things one at a time, or you’ll end up overwhelming yourself and slowing down the process.

Highly suggest taking things at least one room at time, and I typically break things down further within the room. Recently I sorted through my nightstand, and that was the only project I did that day. Even though I was ready to sort through ALL the things, I knew if I started another big area, I likely wouldn’t finish.

Decluttering burnout can be so real, and I would much rather wait till I can full finish a project, than half way do a project leaving an unfinished mess behind me.

10. Think About How Much Time & Energy It Will Take To Sell Items

I know it can be tough to get rid of things when you see their potential value! I am super guilty of holding onto things with the intention of selling them. But I have recently been working my way through those items as well.

Take the time to think about how much time and energy it will take to sell those items, and how much you would likely get in return for putting in that time and energy. If it’s just a few dollars, is it really worth it? For some, it might be, and that’s fine! For others, maybe it might be better to go in the donate pile.

I held onto a lot of clothes with the idea I’d sell them on Poshmark, a platform I’m familiar with and have sold on before. But when I took a look at all the clothing I decided to keep, I realized only about half of those items were actually going to be worth putting that time into. So I donated the rest!

11. Just Start

The most important decluttering hack – just START! I know how tough that alone can be, so don’t get too hung up on everything else and just start in whatever way you can. Maybe you deal with one item a day. Maybe you set a timer and find things to toss for 5 minutes throughout your house. Maybe you lock yourself in the house and do it all. Whatever works for YOU, just start. You’ll be SO glad you did!

What’s your number one decluttering hack to turn to time and time again? Please share it below!

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