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Here is the final Love Language Ideas post, and this one is all about Gifts! If your significant other has the Gifts Love Language, keep on scrolling to get a bunch of ideas on great gifts to get that special someone in your life, and a few *key* points on how to incorporate this into your routine.

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Looking to read up on all of the Love Languages, click HERE for the book! Highly recommend picking up a copy if you haven’t already. It’s quick and easy, and great to read for both you and your significant other. It gives you a better understanding on how Love Languages play a role in our relationships, and why it’s so important for you to put the effort into incorporating them into your relationship.

Quick summary of the book, or a recap if you need a refresher: We all have a Love Language, and our partner “speaking” that language is how we feel loved. Sometimes we tend to give love in the way that we would want it, but you need to make the effort to “speak” their language, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Something to keep in mind with gift giving is figuring out when to give these gifts, and figuring out those crucial moments where a gift would be appreciated. That can be just as important as the gift itself. Even if it’s something SO small, they’re going to feel appreciated, celebrated, supported, or whatever it may be, because you went out of your way to get them something during this time.

Some examples might be:

  • Having a bad day
  • Got promoted
  • Went to the dentist and you know they were really dreading it
  • Worked hard on a project (home, work, personal, etc.)
  • Just generally going through a stressful time
  • Plus SO so many more

The moments in life that stand out just a little bit (or a lot bit) extra, could be good or bad. Any of those moments, big or small, are a great opportunity to show your love and support with a gift! Doesn’t have to be big, but the gesture of going out of your way in order to get them a little something will be so appreciated.

Another great time to pick something up is when you see something that makes you think of them, that goes a long way. Even if it’s something small and silly!

Of course, not to be forgotten, the “just because” gift. This one is crucial!

Key Tips:

Any time they mention something they like/want/need, maybe while you’re shopping, a show they want to go see, mentioning their slippers need replacing, or anything they mention to you along those lines, MAKE A NOTE. These are great gift ideas to keep in mind for when the opportunity strikes. Pay attention, I’m sure there are gift ideas aplenty happening every day, you just need to know to look!

You should always have a note going to remind yourself of these types of things, and any and all other gift ideas you come up with, so you always can have some ready.

Not sure how to form this habit? This is the trick I mention in previous Love Language posts because it applies to all five of them! Set yourself an alarm.

Pick one day a week, day, every other week, once a month, or whatever time frame makes sense for you, and set yourself a little private alarm to remind you to go and get a gift. Eventually, the habit should become part of your routine and you won’t need the alarm, but while you’re working on remembering to do that little something special, this can be key!

Also, challenge yourself to pay closer attention to what moments might be worth picking up a little gift for. Maybe one week is totally routine and completely normal, but the next, you notice your significant other go above and beyond for their friend. Acknowledge with a gift. You catch them feeling down because of a recent struggle – gift. You get the idea 🙂

Sharing some gift ideas below, but truly the best ones are the ones tailored to that specific person. Since you might not have that note going in your phone yet (go ahead, create it now), I’ll share some ideas to give you a place to start and some inspiration.

Gift Love Language Ideas:

1. Surprise them with flowers

2. Bring home their favorite chocolate

3. Pick them up dinner on the way home from work

4. Collect little keepsakes of your relationship and make a shadow box to display

5. Get tickets to a movie they’ve been dying to go see

6. Gift card to the place you know they go to for lunch frequently

7. Make them a little self-care gift package of things to help them relax (bath salts, bath bomb, oils, nail kit, body scrub, etc.)

8. Bottle of wine to celebrate

9. Wake up extra early to go pick up and bring them their favorite coffee, breakfast, or morning treat

10. Pick up a candle that’s their favorite scent

11. Mail them a letter

12. Buy them a cozy blanket

13. Subscription to the local theaters shows

14. Frame a nice picture of the two of you

15. A snack from the gas station when you go in to pay

16. Tickets to their favorite team’s upcoming game

17. A new sweater you know they’ve been wanting

18. Make them a playlist of songs you think they’d like or songs that make you think of them (RIP the days of burning someone a CD, or making a mixtape!)

19. A cupcake from their favorite shop

20. Magazine/newspaper subscription you see them purchase frequently

21. Make them a memory jar – jar filled with little notes of fun memories you’ve shared

22. Plan a weekend away together

23. Save them the crossword puzzle/clip the article you think they’d like to read

24. DIY an ornament if it’s the holiday season

25. Cook or bake for them their favorite recipe/treat

My best tip is definitely to pay attention to what they’re telling you. People always mention things they like, need, or want, and that’s your cue to make a note to have that gift idea handy.

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