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In today’s edition of Ivy-mentally-decorates-her-dream-house-that-doesn’t-exist, I’m rounding up some rustic bed frames that are immediately going on my wish list for when the time *finally* comes for me to decorate my home. If you’re going for the farmhouse bedroom vibes, trust me, these rustic bed frames are *chef’s kiss*

I went from not having a clue to what my decor style was to immediately being obsessed with all things farmhouse. Not sure how that happened. BUT luckily it all worked out because it’s a decor style Scott and I can agree on! Which I didn’t even know was possible.

ANYWAYS, I know you’re not here to read all about how I got to this complete farmhouse obsessed place, so I’ll get right down to sharing these rustic bed frames!

There are two main styles for this decor style, wooden and metal. I personally lean towards wooden, but love how the metal bed frames look as well! Depending on the look, upholstered beds can still fit into a rustic or farmhouse room, so I included two of those as well!

Rustic Bed Frames

the best rustic bed frames for a farmhouse inspired bedroom

1. Tilden Standard Metal Bed – Inspire Q

Comes in 6 total colors and in Full, Queen, and King size.

2. Huntsville Standard Bed

Comes in Full, Queen, King, and California King.

3. Coonrod Storage Platform Bed

Has storage underneath with that sliding mini barn door! Comes in Queen and King size.

4. Industrial Farmhouse Metal and Wood Plank Bed

Comes in two different colors and in a Queen.

5. Armande Upholestered Panel Standard Bed

Comes in Queen, King, and California King.

6. Amy Modern And Contemporary Iron Metal Platform Bed

Only comes in Queen.

7. Lionel Weathered Oak Queen Complete

Comes in two different colors, only in a Queen.

8. Willowton Panel Bed

Comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King

9. Alexa Bed Set, Light Honey

Comes in Queen and King
(my personal favorite, of course the most expensive. why my taste gotta be like that. ugh how stunning tho!!)

10. Bradman Upholstered Standard Bed

Comes in 6 different colors, and in Full, Queen, King and California King.

If you’d rather go the handmade route, which definitely ensures you get that rustic feel, highly recommend looking through Etsy. I definitely plan to when we get to that point! We purchased a table from an Etsy seller and I love that it’s a unique piece! Plus, you normally can customize it depending on if you want white wash, a specific stain, certain measurements, etc. Just be sure to read the reviews 🙂

Are you a fan of the wooden, metal, or upholstered rustic bed frames?! I definitely lean towards the wooden frames, something about them just feels so homey to me! But number 10 is callin’ my name as well. So cozy! I don’t think Scott is an upholstered kinda guy tho.

Do you have a go-to place you shop for farmhouse or rustic inspired home decor?! Let me know in the comments below so I can keep on virtually decorating my future home!

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