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Anyone else starting to gear up for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020?! I definitely am! It’s one of my favorite sales to shop, and a great time to grab some completely new higher priced items at a discount. Plus, I’m already feeling ready for fall, so having the wardrobe to match is fine by me!

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If you’re looking for some ideas on what to be on the lookout for, I’m sharing below what I typically grab each year to give you some inspiration! I also included a few regrets and items that definitely weren’t worth the money so you can keep that in mind as well!

If you’ve read my previous post on the Top 5 NSale Purchases I’ve Ever Made, then you’ll definitely see a bit of crossover!

PS – once the sale goes live, I’ll be updating this with a few specific recs for each category! I posted links for items from previous years so that you can take a look if that’s something you’d like to be on the lookout for this year, but the majority are sold out. I will update the links if they have the same or similar items once the preview is released!

Zella Leggings

I literally talk about these in basically every single Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post I do because I just love them so much. I buy 1-2 pairs of Zella leggings each year because I wear them ALL the time. Like too much, but oh well, at least I can really speak to the quality of these!

Each pair has held up SO incredibly well throughout the years and you’d never know I’ve worn and washed them an infinite amount of times. No pilling!!

Funny-ish story – while riding an electric scooter I fell off and ended up ripping two holes in a pair of leggings. It was a rough fall lol not the leggings fault. But, I still have them and wear them because the holes haven’t further opened up or ripped or unraveled at all! I think that speaks pretty highly to the quality??? But maybe I’m just a cray idk.

This is semi a lie though because I actually won’t be purchasing the leggings this year for the first time in like 4 years I think. I have 5-6 pairs right now so I think I’m set! I wear these in a medium and they fit perfect.

Barefoot Dreams

At this point my closet is essentially half Barefoot Dreams items. I seriously scoop something up in their line every single year! I currently have a robe, two cardigans, a poncho/wrap, and my beloved blanket.

Great time to grab something Barefoot Dreams, especially because they hold sales pretty infrequently. Also great to grab to have on hand for holiday gifts!!

Top picks for 2020: my blanket, these socks (I’ll be grabbing!), and the cardigan the kept me warm allll fall and winter (loving these colors, I would def be grabbing if I didn’t already have!)

Sweaters + Cardigans

I grab a couple of different sweaters + cardigans each year and typically wear them all throughout the fall and winter. Last year this Free People one was a hottt item, and I wore it a bunch! Will be grabbing it again if they release it in new colors. (update – they unfortunately did not)

I have grabbed a bunch from BP (best price point) over the years and they can be hit or miss, just FYI. Some have pilled a bunch (this one did), so something to keep in mind. I just checked though and the one that pilled on me a bunch was 78% cotton, and the one that has held up really well was 50% polyester (this one). I assume the materials play a role??

I’ve had good luck with Madewell, Free People, and a handful of the Nordstrom specific brands. Top Shop usually has a best seller of the sale, but I’ve yet to try those myself. Remember that if anything proves to be low quality/gets holes/falling apart, you can return it! Nordstrom’s return policy is the BEST.

Also, will definitely be grabbing this Chelsea28 sweater if they release it again (they did!). It was one that went QUICK and I purchased and repurchased it a few times but it was cancelled every time. Reviews say to go one size down! Will personally be grabbing in the beige and the orange in a small (if I’m able to). Potentially an XS since reviews say it runs large so maybe I can get away with that if I have to.

Fall Basics

I tend to stock up on a handful of basics I can wear all throughout the fall and winter time, typically ones good for layering! Not all basics are worth grabbing from the sale necessarily, but some can be!

There is usually some great flannel button ups apart of the sale, with wide ranging price points. The Rails brand is usually one talked about frequently, and still quite expensive even when on sale, I saw it in store and felt like it looked just like the much more affordable version… I’ll stick with that.

I’ve had really great luck with the BP flannel (usually around $30) and they have held up SO well over the years! I have this in white and red, but have always had my eye on the hunter green that quickly sells out. Will be grabbing that if I’m able! (update – not included this year, but this flannel top looks very similar and at a good price point as well. I think I’ll be grabbing it in the red! Loving the white too, but I already have two flannels that are identical to it)

Sweaters + cardigans usually fall under this category as well. Definitely will be grabbing a couple to add to my wardrobe. I tend to stick with neutrals so that they can be worn a ton of different ways.

Another great basic is a good fall hat! There are usually a couple good ones in the sale at a variety of price points. I haven’t yet had luck snagging ones I’ve had my eye on (sold out), but try each year! This hat in Tea Rose is calling my name in particular! With this fedora following closely behind it.

Tees – in years past there have been some tees that are continually shared by many different bloggers. There was one year a BP tee was shared and I definitely was influenced and thoroughly underwhelmed. Also have been unimpressed by the Madewell tee + tank that people share a lot. Same feelings towards Caslon tees. I stick with Target for a lot of my basic tees + tanks, so I likely won’t be grabbing these. But as you can see from above I’ve gotten suckered in before looollll.

(update – I’m seeing both BP and Caslon tees that I am willing to bet will be shared frequently this year as well. They of course could be different this year, but I have had bad luck with both brands in the past so I personally will be sticking with my Target tees. Better price point even with these items marked down for the Nsale.)

Tall Boots

So in looking through all my past orders I have purchased a very nice pair of tall boots each year……that I have ended up returning. Like seriously, 3 years in a row of this.

I’m pickier than I even realized but I am on the HUNT for a high quality, beautiful pair of tall boots. But so far haven’t found *the one* so I return and try again next year.

The last two years I’ve grabbed a suede, heeled pair of boots and honestly I’m not sure why. I wear heels SO infrequently, so I’m glad I returned those. I mean I do know why, they’re all so stunning ugh I am looking back at the two I grabbed and they’re just some really beautiful boots!! But for boots I won’t wear often, I feel like Target might be a better way to go.

Previous to that was a pair of Frye boots. But when you’re paying that much, you want to totally be in love with them and absolutely sure that you will get your money’s worth with plenty of wear! I haven’t felt that way with these boots, so I’m holding out hope each year that I’ll find my dream boots.

I allllllways have my eye on Tory Burch boots that are released during every sale, but again, that price point is steeeeep. We’ll see what boots I get this year, cause I’m sure I’ll end up grabbing a pair!

ETA – plot twist, tall boots are limited this year. None at all are of interest to me personally! However quite a few booties are on my radar, I’m thinking I’ll be grabbing a couple different pairs to try out and see which ones are my favorites.

Beauty Deals

There are usually a handful of good beauty deals, often for brands that don’t typically offer deals or go on sale frequently. Charlotte Tilbury has some Nordstrom Anniversary Sale specific release each year. I’ve gotten the lip bundles a few years in a row and have loved each one so much! Worth the money, imo.

Last year I grabbed her eyeshadow palette and ended up returning it after swatching it on my skin. It pulled sooooo incredibly warm, like way too warm and orange. Also the shadows seemed a bit on the dry side, and like they would be harder to blend out. I knew I wasn’t going to wear it so back it went! Interesting fact – when I returned it, the customer service rep mentioned that this palette was a very frequent return.

Aside from Charlotte Tilbury, there are definitely a bunch of other solid beauty deals to choose from!


I’ve grabbed a few different jackets throughout the years and have always been happy with my purchases! Some really high quality brands will have deals during the same, so it’s a good time to prep for the colder months.

Still love and wear this jacket from last year! They didn’t release that same jacket this year, but this jacket seems to be this years version.

Personally considering grabbing this North Face jacket this year!


Every year I add a pair of booties to my cart but hold off pulling the trigger. I think this is mostly because I’ve grabbed those more expensive boots, so I hold off. This year I definitely am shopping a pair of booties because I recently got rid of the majority of mine. There is usually a really great selection! (update – there is imo. one of the few sections I feel has a fairly good selection this year.)

Currently have my eyes on these Vince Camuto booties, Ugg booties, and these Timberland booties! (plus a few others…)

It’s a lot for sure, but this is what I typically gravitate towards and purchase each year during the sale! So excited to see what’s apart of this years, and what things will look like with Covid + shipping times.

I think part of the reason I’m so pumped for this years sale is because life is so blah (and stressful and anxiety-inducing….) right now sooooo it’s something fun and exciting to look forward to, ya feel?

Annnnnyways. Happy shopping! 🙂

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