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This post is all about the best tips for shipping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020! I have loved and shopped this sale for years, since way before my blogging years and before I even knew what bloggers were and everyone I followed covered the sale. Still love and shop this sale, but know and understand it can be overwhelming to shop it. Sharing my *expertise* at successfully shopping this sale in hopes it can help eliminate the overwhelm and make sure you

If you’re not really sure what this whole sale is about, it’s essentially is Nordstrom releasing all of their fall items at a discounted price. It’s not items that have been sitting there and are now marked down but new items for fall and winter! Great time to stock up on any essentials you might need for the upcoming seasons.

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For those who are well aware what this sale is about, I knowwwww this sale can get over saturated with coverage. Trust me, I get it. Like I said, I personally love and shop this sale, and am hoping to be a helpful guide for anyone else looking to shop it. If it’s not your thing or you’re tired of hearing about it, skip it! Definitely don’t want anyone to feel annoyed/pressured to buy anything!

Let’s get right down to the tips and important info so you can be prepped and ready to go come sale time!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Dates

nordstrom anniversary sale 2020

Above are all the important dates for getting to preview the sale (7/24) and when you can shop the sale. Also, “influencer” here is simply the label for that tier, not anything related to influencers or bloggers!

In order to shop prior to August 19th (early access) you have to have a Nordstrom credit card. PLEASE do not feel like you *need* to sign up for a credit card though. Don’t go into debt over this sale forrrreal just don’t.

However, if you are interested in signing up for one or for more info, it works essentially like a rewards card. You gain points for your purchases which accumulate and the more you have the higher the tier you are (and the sooner you can shop the sale). No annual fee, which was a big decider for me in signing up. Here you can find more info on the card if you’re interested.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Shopping Tips

Evaluate Your Closet To See What You Need

There are a *TON* of items that will be available during this sale, so take some time and think about what you actually need or want to be shopping for. What’s missing from your closet? What are you sure you would wear a ton this fall if you purchased it? What splurge items have you been eyeing recently?

This can help make things a bit less overwhelming because you can eliminate categories straight away and know what is worth your time browsing through.

Figure Out Your Budget & Stick To It

Can you tell I’m really not trying to encourage anyone to go into debt over this sale?!

For real though, take a look at what you can spend and what’s on your shopping list, and figure out what makes sense to purchase. If you’ve got your eye on a $350 pair of boots but that’s your entire budget for the sale, and you have a bunch of other things you need, perhaps the boots aren’t the best purchase!

This way, you’re not aimlessly shopping the entire sale and end up racking up a credit card bill you weren’t expecting. Go in with a plan, both for your monies and the items you need/want, and you’ll end up shopping much more efficiently! It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of browsing each and every item, but not necessary.

Since we all are able to take a look at the preview ahead of time, along with the prices, this means we can really figure out how to stretch our budget for the sale and include all the things we actually *need*, and maybe a few just for fun items as well. Get creative and make your budget work best for you!

Scott and I do a ton of budgeting and looking at our finances, allotting X amount of dollars for “fun” each month. I personally am saving most of my July + August fun money for this sale. Not saying I’ll use all of that (aiming not to), but giving myself some room to grab what I need without it cutting into any of our expenses or savings!

You could even take it one step further and budget out dollar amounts for each category, like sweaters, boots, accessories, etc. That way you could go into the preview and filter by price point and ensure you’re only shopping for items that will allow you to stay within your budget.

Browse The Preview + Add To Wishlist

Everyone is able to search through the preview ahead of time, even if you can’t stop till public access. This is awesome because it gives you plenty of time to narrow down what is on your must buy list and add it to your wishlist, so when you’re able to shop it’s right there and easy to add to cart and purchase!

Also good because you can keep an eye on what’s selling out, what’s coming back in stock, etc. I believe if you have your notifications turned on, the Nordstrom app will send alerts when items are restocked when they are in your wishlist. Definitely a good time to take advantage of that feature!! So even if you have your eye on something that has already sold out, still add it to your wishlist to get that notification!

^^^ my best tip! I really don’t think many people take advantage of this feature, but it will be SO helpful during the sale. There was recently a dress on sale that infinite bloggers were sharing and I wanted to snag. I purchased it two times, each order being cancelled. But one time I noticed my notification alerting me it was back in stock, purchased 30 seconds later, and finally snagged it!

Think About How You Can Style That Item

Make sure this is an item you really want and really will add value to your closet! What items do you currently have that it would go with? Do you have an idea of different ways you can wear it so that you will really be able to get your money’s worth and aren’t spending aimlessly on things that will sit in your closet gathering dust?

If you do some online shopping, you can really take a look at your closet and evaluate how much wear you can get out of this item before you pull the tag off! Do your own at home styling session and figure out how many outfits that particular item can go with.

I will be sharing some style guides on a variety of items to give you some ideas an inspiration on how you can wear things multiple ways and really get your money’s worth on your purchases!

Purchase Anything On Your MUST Have List Quickly

As much as I don’t want you to feel pressure to buy, I do think this is an important tip that I personally follow during each and every Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you have any items that you would be heartbroken if they were to sell out and you missed out on, purchase those RIGHT when you gain access to the sale!

Things definitely sell out, and restocks aren’t always reliable. In previous years, there were items that were restocked over and over again each time they sold out, and items that sold out and never once were restocked. It’s a gamble! I had something I realllllly wanted and purchased a minute after I gained access, and my order got cancelled and the item was never restocked.

SO if you see something you want, grab it quick. Goes for items you see being restocked as well! Not sure of your size, order a couple sizes so you can easily try on from home and return what doesn’t fit.

I only say this because of Nordstrom’s amazing return policy. I tend to make a big order online and then try on at home. I will try on in store as well (not this year), but find the selection is always better online and I hate trying on clothes in store anyways. Then I take my time deciding what I will keep and return. Good way to see what will fit in well with your closet too.

I previously returned in store, but this year will likely be returning online. So hold onto boxes and keep the prepaid return labels that come in your order so you can easily ship things back!

PS – they offer free shipping in addition to free returns!

If You See A Bunch Of Bloggers Sharing An Item, Expect It To Sell Out

If you follow multiple bloggers and notice common items being shared, it is pretty safe to expect that item will sell out. I see this year after year after year. There are a lot of things that sell out, but there’s usually 10-15 items that are commonly shared among a bunch of bloggers (and typically the bloggers with the huge followings). These items go quick!

Just something to keep in mind if you really have your heart set on an item in particular, and don’t want to miss out before it sells out!

Things That Don’t Sell Out Might Be On Sale Again Later

Not a tip necessarily, but something to note. If items remain in stock throughout and you see the price go back up post-sale, it likely will go back on sale a few weeks later. Sometimes for an even better price!!

This is another place where Nordstrom’s return policy comes in handy. If you notice that happen to one of your items, return and re-buy for the lower price! Or see if Nordstrom will honor the new lower price without having to make the return first.

Don’t Get Sucked Into The Pressure

Friendly reminder that it’s okay to not shop the sale, or minimally shop the sale. There is a LOTTTT of pressure and coverage surrounding this sale, and it’s completely okay to not shop it at all! Don’t feel like it’s something you have to do if you can’t, don’t want to, etc.

Can’t Afford Something or Something Sold Out? There Likely Will Be A Similar Item For Less At Target or Amazon

I saw this time and time again! Not necessarily for every single item in the sale, but for a LOT of them. It was really easy to find some of the top pieces at a much more affordable price point.

The Nordstrom Sale is a good indicator of the trends to come, so other retailers will likely be dropping very similar items in the coming months! Leopard was a HOT buy during the Nsale, a few months later it was like leopard exploded onto every single retailer I shopped! (I predict a lot more leopard this year as well!)

For certain items, I’m willing to pay the price for higher quality at Nordstrom. For others, I know the quality will be comparable at Target and I can save my monies. And for the things that sell out and I’m heartbroken about, I’ll search until I find something as similar as possible!

I ended up doing a post last year of items inspired by the Nordstrom sale for less, but wanted to do more of those. Definitely let me know if you think that would be a helpful post(s) to share!

Something Sold Out? Grab It In Another Size

This isn’t a guarantee, but it’s something you can try for the items you really have your heart set on but possibly missed out on grabbing in your size.

If it’s still in stock in another size, grab it. Then keep your eye on restocks either during the sale or after! If you find your correct size restocked after the sale is over, exchange it! Nordstrom *should* honor the original price you got during the sale. And if it isn’t restocked in your size, you can easily just return it.

Save Time By Shopping Through Guides

I wouldn’t be a good blogger without a little shameless self promo, right? I’m really hoping to be a solid resource for anyone shopping the sale this year, especially if you don’t want to wade through pages and pages of the previewed items.

Planning on doing a LOT of coverage because honestly I find it fun and I hooooope big time that it will be of use for y’all. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season for a lot of reasons, but the style is definitely one of them. I’ve already gotten to the point of summer where I’m just wishing fall would hurry up. It’s the BEST.

I’ll be doing a lot of coverage of my personal favorites and best of items for a variety of categories. Definitely will be doing some affordable based roundups as well! And some ideas on how to style pieces in different ways. I’ll link all of those here when they are live!

PS – bloggers make a small commission when you purchase through their links (at no cost to you), so if you’d like to support myself or any other blogger covering the sale/appreciate their coverage, that’s a great way to do so! I feel awk calling that out, ngl. But myself + other bloggers definitely put some work into this sale, and that’s an easy way to show some support if you feel inclined to do so 🙂

Want to read more?

Alright those are my best tips and what I personally follow when I shop this sale each year! Have any that I missed?! Share them below!

Happy shopping!

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