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Maybe you’ve just gotten married, engaged, or are just wanting to take the next step, either way, it’s a big change!

There are some definite signs the time is right and some questions you should answer before moving in together, but once you do decide the time is right, it is such an amazing, exciting, and maybe even a little terrifying, time in a relationship.

I’ve been living with my boyfriend, Scott, for longer than we’ve been dating actually, because we started out living together just as friends. But, we’ve been a couple living together for around 2 and a half years. I’d like to say I’ve learned a few things about the items that have saved my sanity while living together.

It definitely can be a big adjustment, and even if you’ve had roommates, living with your significant other is a different kind of situation. So, I hope this helps you make the transition a bit smoother, or if you’re already living together, maybe eliminate some of those pesky arguments that just won’t seem to go away!

1. Poo~Pourri

The bathroom situation was probably the one I was most nervous about when we moved in together and had to share a bathroom. I’m an extremely private person, and pretty much have always had my own bathroom. So the idea of sharing a bathroom sorta TERRIFIED me.

Enter, Poo~Pourri. An odor eliminating gift from the bathroom gods. Seriously, a few sprays of this, and you’ll leave the bathroom smelling better than before you got in there.

Besides any bathroom related anxiety, I think we all know how smelly boys can be. Any product helping to ease that situation is seriously worth the investment!

This is my favorite scent!

2. Fridge Calendar & Notepad

When you move in together, all the sudden you have two schedules to coordinate, two grocery lists to combine, chores to keep track of, and plenty of other things. A fridge calendar and notepad were essential for Scott and I coordinating all these different things.

We put all of our shared events, plus some individual events on the calendar. The weekly calendar is for planning our dinners. The notepad contains groceries we need as they come up, and various notes we need to remind ourselves or each other of. They’ve been SO helpful at keeping us more organized.

3. Organizational Bins

If you’re already amazing at organizing, then you can probably skip this point. Bins have made our house much more organized. We have a bin for mail. Scott has one by his bed. I have one for my every day skin care products on our sink. Plus a few for miscellaneous stuff that just doesn’t have a home yet.

It seems like when you move in together, you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. I am really working on decluttering our house, starting with the kitchen and my closet, but it can be a slow process. Bins make sure that you don’t have clutter all over the place. You have a few bin of stuff that needs to be sorted, and maybe it takes you a while to get through it, but at least it’s a little bit more organized!

My favorite bins for the bathroom are from Amazon because they’re functional, affordable, come in a set, and cute enough lol. Come in a bunch of different shapes and colors!

We just bought these wooden bins for the living room area and they make me feel like I’m #adulting.

4. Laundry Sorter

We have a hamper that sorts the laundry into four sections, towels, whites, colors, and workout. It’s super convenient and keeps us organized.

You also could do this with laundry baskets, but I just preferred to have a hamper designated for dirty laundry. Helped us keep the process a bit more streamlined!

5. Kitchen Organization

The first time I lived in a group house I learned the importance of food organization in a kitchen. In our shared fridge, it was a free for all, and everyone just stuffed their food wherever there was room.

This meant no one knew where their food was, and when it ultimately went bad, no one threw it out because people forgot who it belonged to. Ever since I’ve always implemented some system of organization.

It doesn’t need to be totally blocked off sections of your fridge, because I’m sure there will be shared food, but having maybe a fridge bin or two can really make a difference. Less food waste, and you’ll always know where you find your items.

I use these bins in our fridge, and these containers in our pantry.

6. Extra Blanket

Seems like in nearly every relationship, at least one person is a blanket hog. I get it, sharing a bed can be an adjustment when you’ve pretty much gone your entire life NOT sharing. Easy solution is to grab an extra cozy blanket to have on hand to avoid any middle of the night blanket wrestling matches. That one is our favorite for the summer as well, and is a great affordable option.

A recent splurge was this one, that I absolutely refuse to share and is all for me. It ain’t cheap but it is WORTH IT. Full on obsessed. And going on sale reeeeeal soon!

7. Fan

A fan is essential for two reasons. One, all that extra body heat in your bed adds up. I swear, it can be the coldest night of winter, but our bed is still overheating. We run the fan all year round!

Two, a little white noise definitely helps, especially when you’re still adjusting to sleeping with another person in the bed.

We use this one, and it’s worked perfect for us.

8. Toilet Cleaner

Unless you or your significant other are fans of cleaning the toilet, then trust me on this one. Get a cleaner that does the work for you so you rarely, if ever, have to actually give it a scrub. You’ll avoid plenty of arguments over whose turn it is to clean the toilet, when you both know neither have you have taken a turn yet.

Get either the tablets you drop in, or the cleaner you attach onto the toilet itself.

9. Small Vacuum

FYI, humans are hairy and messy. Living together multiplies this by a ridiculous amount.

If you have an awesome vacuum with all the attachments, then you might not need this. But a little dust buster vacuum has been awesome for doing touch up vacuum jobs instead of having the haul the big one around each time.

I use ours in the bathroom to suck up all the hair, by the bed for the dust bunnies, and in the kitchen for the crumbs that are constantly accumulating.

We use this one and it’s SO cheap and works great.

10. Multi-Plug

In some unlucky households, there is one good outlet, and one not so good outlet, near your bed. In the age of laying in bed and playing on our phones (which maybe we shouldn’t do, but whatever), you need optimum outlet distance to ensure you can be plugged in and still lay down comfortable.

No more fighting over the good outlet, a multi-plug ensures that you BOTH get to use it!

I hope these suggestions help the living together transition go smoothly! Are there any items you MUST have while living together? Let me know below!

12 Comments on 10 Things Couples Must Have Before Moving In Together

  1. This post was so funny and helpful! My fiance and I will be moving in together for the first time after our wedding and I’m definitely nervous about it.
    I’m sharing this on my Saturday Morning Coffee posts this morning and I know a lot of my readers who are in the same boat can relate!

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad this post was helpful. And I really appreciate you sharing it with your readers!!

  2. One thing on bleach tabs if you want to be changing your toilet flapper often be prepared. Even though the package says it will not harm them, it does.

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