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The temperatures are slowly but surely warming up, and signs up spring are starting to pop up. I couldn’t be more excited! Feels like this winter went on forever, and I can’t wait to enjoy warm weather and sunny days. Of course eventually I’ll be complaining that it’s too hot, but for now, I’m reallllly excited about it.

I’m planning on soaking up as much time outdoors as possible, and doing all the spring and summer activities! I thought I’d share some date ideas if you’re also planning on embracing the warm weather. These can totally be friend dates too! Or even just dates with yourself ?

  1. Baseball game
  2. Berry picking
  3. Hiking
  4. A bonfire night, sitting outside and enjoying the weather
  5. Any food festivals happening in your area
  6. Hit up a nature center
  7. Beach day trip
  8. Hit up all the yard sales you can find
  9. Spend a day at the pool
  10. S’mores date
  11. Find local gardens to walk around
  12. Go for a long drive, either as a road trip or just to drive around somewhere pretty. Windows down and a good playlist are a must!
  13. Look up “hidden gems” near you and explore
  14. Explore new trails in your area
  15. Find free or inexpensive live music nearby
  16. Look up local festivals happening in your area
  17. Go to a beer garden
  18. Acai bowl date
  19. Horseback riding
  20. Make your own type of bar crawl – doesn’t have to be a bar! Could be tacos, fries, your favorite food or dessert, any type of drink, smoothies, whatever! Gets you walking around and exploring a fun area
  21. Go to the zoo
  22. A camping weekend, or glamping if camping isn’t your thing
  23. Look up the top hikes nearby and make it a goal to explore the top 5, 10, or however many
  24. Picnic in the park
  25. Hit up your nearest amusement park
  26. Wander around a farmer’s market
  27. Tennis date at a court nearby
  28. Try out new baking recipes using seasonal fruits
  29. Go on a long bike ride around an area you’ve been wanting to explore
  30. Try out a local rooftop bar or restaurant
  31. Rent a boat and have a day trip on the water
  32. Look up outdoor movie nights in your area
  33. Have a water balloon or water gun fight
  34. Ice cream date – bonus points if you split a biggg ol sundae
  35. Open all the windows and have a night in of cooking all your favorite recipes, or new ones you’ve wanted to try
  36. Date night at the fair
  37. Indoor movie night – perfect during those rainy nights
  38. Date night under the stars, complete with snacks of course
  39. Frisbee date at the park
  40. Create a scavenger hunt for your neighborhood or nearby city
  41. Look up “free events near me” and go to as many as you can
  42. Find the nearest boardwalk to walk around
  43. A day at the water park
  44. Explore all the vineyards nearby
  45. A gardening date sprucing up your yard or adding new plants to your outdoor space
  46. Mini golf
  47. Hit up a nearby drive-in movie, if you have one
  48. Try all the food trucks in your area, making a list of your top rated
  49. Host a BBQ potluck
  50. Explore nearby waterfalls, or make a day trip to go visit the nearest one

I cannot wait to go through this list and check a bunch of these off. Scott and I have been absolutely craving some warm weather to get us outside, so we are SO excited to start filling our weekends with fun warm weather dates.

I hope this gives you some good ideas on how to enjoy the weather while enjoying each others company! Feel free to leave some ideas below if you have any to share!

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