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We all know the challenges of trying to make the most out of a small closet, or any size closet really. It just fills up all too quickly, and it can be difficult to get everything everything simply to fit! There is always space that is under utilized, but someone everything is crammed in there all at the same time!

Sharing some of the absolutely BEST closet organization ideas so that you can finally have the nice and neat closet you’ve always wanted. So many good tips and tricks for how to use your space effectively, and make sure there is a place for everything!

Trust me, if you have a small closet KEEP READING!

First, and probably most obvious tip, weed out what you don’t wear! This is a *must read* if you need help getting started with decluttering your closet! Seriously, go read it, I’ll wait. Much easier to start organizing when there is less to deal with!

Okay now that you’ve weeded out a few things, let’s get to these closet organization ideas that are going to change your closet organizing game! Especially when you’re working with limited space

Evaluate Where You’re Limited On Space & Where You Have Room To Spare

It’s important to take inventory on where you have space or are more limited on space before you get to organizing. This way, you can pick and choose from the hacks below to make it work in your own closet.

Have plenty of hanging space, hang as much as possible? Have an excess of shelving space? Make the most of it and utilize as much shelving as you can. Have some unused floor area, take advantage!

Organizing in a small space usually requires some creativity, so take inventory before you start to know where you can play around and figure out where things can fit in.

Hang Where You Can + Utilize Multi-Hangers

Often times, hanging can be a much more space effective way to store various items, especially if you’re low on shelving space but have some hanging space to spare.

Currently have belts stored in a bin? Switch to a belt hanger (this is the one I use)!

Same goes for scarves – grab yourself a scarf hanger and free up some space. This hanger would work well if you have a lot of chunky or thicker scarves! Now, instead of those scarves taking up an entire bin, they are taking up minimal space hung up in the closet.

Some other multi-hanger ideas:

Use Collapsible Hangers

Utilizing collapsible hangers is a great way to minimize all the space hung items can take up! Picture below because they’re kinda hard to explain without it!

Picture from: Amazon

Clever right?!

Utilize The Doors

This *especially* goes if you have doors that open all the way.

Great place to store your shoes! Another options is just some extra pockets or storage space for miscellaneous items with this or this one!

However, if you have sliding doors, there is still some ways to get creative with your organizing. You can hang a few command hooks on the inside, wherever there is room and the door can still easily slide, and hang up some stuff that way. Whether it’s scarves, belts, handbags, camisoles all hung by the straps, etc. Anything that can be hung up, could be put in there.

If you like the idea of a hat wall, you could utilize the outside of the closet doors and hang up and display your hats there!

If you have the bi-fold doors, it probably isn’t a great idea to store much inside of them since it will get crunched up every time you open the door. But the outside can be used to store/display items! Grab some command hooks and see what looks good hung up!

Use The Extra Bits Of Wall Space

There is likely a little bit here and there of extra wall space on the inside of the doors, and along the sides. Another great time to pick up some command hooks and get creative!

Add In An Extra Shelf or Hanging Rod

If you have a tall-ish hanging rod with space underneath or shelves that are on the low side and theres a bunch more space above them, grab a tension rod/shelf and utilize that space!

Tension rods are a great option to add extra hanging space! Or if you’d rather not, this is a closet hanging rod that hangs onto the current rod in place, adding in another one underneath it.

A tension shelf can be great if you have extra space on the top or bottom of your closet so that you can fully take advantage!

You also could grab this 6 piece tension rod set and make your own shelving situation!

A lot of these are adjustable, but it’s a good idea to measure before you buy to make sure it will fit and be the right size for your space.

Double Up On Hanger Usage

Get hangers where you can hang two items on them to minimize the amount of hangers you need to use!

This style of hangers work best for it, this way you can hang pants on the bottom part, and a shirt or sweater overtop! Two items hung but only one hanger in use!

Use Shelf Dividers To Use All The Shelf Space

It can be hard to fold and stack things on shelves too tall since they likely will just fall right over. However, if you grab some shelf dividers, it can help create bookends in the closet, so things can be stacked and kept much more organized.

These dividers work best for wire shelves. These dividers are great for wooden/solid shelves.

Grab a Hanging Closet Shelf

Although this can take up a good amount of hanging space, you can put WAY more in one of these than you could just hanging up individually (or even with the multi/collapsible hangers)

Anything that you’re not too worried about wrinkles with would be great to put in these cubbies. Great for pjs, sweats, leggings, shoes, tees, camis, handbags, scarves and so much more!

This is a great budget friendly option, this one is great because it has pockets on the sides and comes with drawers!

There are a whole bunch of sizes, click here to figure out what would work best in your closet!

Store Off-Season Clothing Elsewhere

No need to waste precious real estate with clothing that won’t be worn for a few months. Grab yourself an under the bed organizer and put away

Don’t Ignore The Floor Space

There is usually a lot of under utilized space on the ground floor of your closet that can be used for a number of different things. Shoes are an obvious go-to, and grabbing a tiered shoe rack can be helpful to fit plenty of pairs in there.

Plastic drawers are another good option if you need extra storage space for items that can be folded and placed into a drawer. They’re affordable and an easy way to add in a bunch of extra storage space!

Alright, now that you know all the ins and outs of how to completely organize your closet and all of my closet organization ideas, it’s time to go and take full advantage of your closet space. GET TO IT!

Which closet organization idea are you going to try first?!

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