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Thank you to NOW® for sponsoring this post all about my beauty secret weapon, jojoba oil. All opinions are my own.

Sharing today all about one of my absolute favorite beauty products, jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is such an incredibly versatile oil, that has become a staple product in my beauty routine for SO many different uses from head to toe.

If you haven’t tried jojoba oil yet, you are seriously missing out. There are so many different ways you can incorporate this oil into your own routine, and I’m sharing 9 of my personal favorites below. My skin responds so well to this oil, and drinks it up! If you have dry skin, you will LOVE this oil, but it’s good for all skin types. Whether you need to more deeply moisturize your skin, soothe sunburned lips, or smooth out some frizz in your hair, jojoba oil has got you covered for that and more!

I personally love using the NOW® Solutions Jojoba Oil because I know they have such incredibly high quality standards, while also being at such a good price point. They offer both organic and non-organic jojoba oil in a variety of sizes!

Ways To Incorporate Jojoba Oil

Hair Mask

I love using jojoba oil in my hair for a pre-shower conditioning treatment. I will squeeze a bunch into my palm and work it into my dry hair, letting it sit so my hair can soak up all the moisture for as long as possible. Sometimes I’ll leave it overnight! But typically I will add it into my hair in the morning and let it sit for a few hours until I shower and wash it out. My hair is left so silky smooth afterwards!

Leave-In Conditioning Hair Spray

I have a spray bottle that I mix around 3/4 water and 1/4 jojoba oil for a conditioning hair spray that I use on just washed, damp hair. Just be sure to shake this up before use so the water and oil can mix a bit, then I’ll spray this lightly throughout my hair and comb it through. Definitely seems to help with frizz, and leaves my hair feeling so soft!

As I mentioned, I do 3/4 water and 1/4 jojoba oil, but you may need to play around with these ratios depending on how your hair reacts to the oil and if it’s too heavy or not moisturizing enough!

Makeup Remover

Removing stubborn makeup is always something I dread doing, especially around my eye area because it is really easily irritated. However recently I’ve been using jojoba oil to remove my makeup and it’s been SUCH a game changer! It effectively dissolves any removes every last trace of makeup on my skin, without me having to rub my eyes forever or tug at my skin. Even my liquid liner and tough to remove mascara comes off no problem, and my skin isn’t dried out or irritated in the process.

Body Scrub

I deal with extremely dry skin all year round, and it’s crucial for me to include a scrub in my beauty routine. I have been making my own body scrub for a while now, and jojoba oil is the main ingredient in it! Helps to moisturize my skin while leaving it glowing and smooth.

Here is my homemade sugar scrub recipe, if you want to try it out for yourself too!

Post Shave Moisturizer

After shaving, I’ll often put a few drops of jojoba oil and rub it between my palms then pat it into my skin after shaving. Helps to calm any irritation shaving left behind, and seal in moisture! I try to do this while my skin is still slightly damp.

Add Moisture To Your Bath

When I take a bath I like to add some jojoba oil into the bath, along with any other bath products, to help my skin soak up all of that moisture and make it a super hydrating bath experience!

But be careful because it can leave your bath a bit slippery afterwards!

Soothe Sunburned Lips

For as pale as I am, you’d think I’d never forget to apply sunscreen literally ANYWHERE, but my lips are always the last place I think to apply. Aka, I deal with burnt lips fairly often. In case you’re unaware, burned lips are very similar to chapped lips – peeling and some tenderness.

To help soothe my lips, I’ll apply some jojoba oil in a very thin layer to my lips. I usually only do this at night, and let it soak up while I’m sleeping.

Amplify Lotion

To seal in all the moisture and really take my lotion to the next level hydration wise, I’ll add a few drops of jojoba oil into my palm along with my lotion and mix it up before applying. This makes my lotion last SO much longer, and especially helps to treat anywhere I’m dealing with extra dry skin.

I do this all throughout the winter pretty much, it’s such a game changer if you have dry and itchy skin.

Pedicure Treatment

Want your feet to be spa level soft?! Jojoba oil is your secret weapon!

Get yourself a pair of gel booties, they are lined with a gel material so that any product you apply doesn’t get absorbed into the sock itself. Apply either straight jojoba oil, or jojoba oil mixed with your favorite food/regular lotion to your feet, then put on the gel booties and go to sleep. In the morning you will be SHOCKED by how soft your feet feel. Trust me!

There are so many more ways to use jojoba oil in your beauty routine, but these are the current ways that I do so! This is definitely one of my beauty holy grail products that I will always have on hand, and I highly recommend you picking up some to try asap!

In reading through some reviews briefly, sounds like there are plenty more ways to use this oil that I haven’t tried out yet. Definitely will be testing a few of those out soon, and I’ll report back when I do!

Do you incorporate jojoba oil in your beauty routine?! I’d love to hear how below!

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