I am 100% guilty of filling up my kitchen with so many items that I think I may use someday. But, 10% of them actually get used. I have a surplus of baking dishes for every kind of treat you can imagine, and just way too many items simply taking up space! I live in a teeny tiny basement apartment right now, with the kitchen to match, and I’ve really been trying to declutter my life (otherwise I think I’ll end up on Hoarders!)

So in my journey of decluttering, I made up a list of all the things I ended up getting rid of, to maybe help you ditch some of the clutter as well!

Obviously if you still are using any of the items I mention below, don’t feel the need to get rid of them! It’s of course your call. I just thought that I might not be alone in at least one of the items below!

1. Tupperware missing the lids, or extra lids with no bottom.

  • I know there are plenty of people with a cabinet full of tupperware that are missing either their tops or bottoms. Take 5 – 10 minutes to go through the cabinet and match up everything you can. Everything that is missing something? Recycle!

2. Knives that have gone dull

  • Why do I own so many dull knives? I have 4 really good ones that work so well and we use on a regular basis. Then I have about 6 that came in a cute little rainbow set that go untouched. They’re kinda cheap and dull, we don’t own a sharpener, and even if we did, I think we would still stick to the 4 great ones we have. If you have similar knives laying around, might be time to get rid of them.

3. Nonstick pans that are no longer nonstick

  • They don’t work the same, and they it’s not good for you to inject any of that nonstick, so TOSS it! If you have any pan that no longer preforms the way it once did, so now it goes unused, toss it!

4. Appliances that sit on your counter and have never been used

  • I don’t have a lot of these luckily, but I did have a small, food processor that I use maybe once a year. It was really inexpensive and barely works and now just takes up space in my cabinet most of the time. I see plenty of people with appliances in their kitchen that sit there and collect dust. Take a minute to think about how often you use it, if you think you’ll ever use it, and if it’s worth keeping it around taking up space. You might even be able to sell some of them if they are in good condition, so weigh that in your decision as well!

5. All the extras: salt and pepper shakers, measuring cups, measuring spoons, mugs, cups, etc.

  • Not sure if others do this as well, but for some reason I have so many multiples of items in my kitchen. 3 sets of measuring cups. Overflowing amount of mugs. So many random salt and pepper shakers that go unused, and the list goes on and on. Figure out which items you have too many multiples of, keep your absolute faves and the ones you know you will use, and ditch the rest!

6. Pot holders with way too many stains

  • First of all, wash them. After that, the ones still looking kinda gross can be tossed, cause I know you probably have extras of those too!

7. Kitchen towels that don’t absorb anything

  • Why do these even exist? I know they can be cute, but why can’t they functional and cute? If you absolutely love them for decoration purposes, then that’s totally fine. But, if you use them as actual towels, then ditch the ones that don’t work, and find some ones that do!

8. Obscure baking pans

  • I get so tempted by these, but then I sit back and realize that I have 4 different muffin tins for every size muffin you can imagine, and how many muffins have I made in the last year? That would be zero. Keep one shape! Don’t buy the madeline baking pan unless you are a die-hard madeline fan and know you’ll put it to good use.

9. Glasses made for drinking alcohol

  • I’m not talking wine glasses, or anything you really use, even if it is every once in a while. I’m talking shot glasses, beer steins, champagne flutes, Moscow mule mugs, and the list goes on. If you actually make those drinks and use those glasses, keep them! But if they sit at the top of your cup cabinet collecting dust and being forgotten about, donate them!

10. Bags of bags

  • If you’re one of those people who gets plastic bags at the grocery store, then stores them somewhere all stuffed into one another for no real reason, GO and recycle them! Your local grocery store most likely has a place to put them. Also, get yourself some reusable bags!

I hope this helps give you some ideas of what you can get rid of in your kitchen! Leave me a comment below of what you ditched!

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