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Sharing all of the kitchen drawer organization ideas that you’ll wish you knew sooner. Tired of kitchen drawers filled with clutter, jamming up, and generally a disorganized mess. NO more! Whether you have plenty of drawers to organize, or just a few you need to make the most of, we are going into depth on all things kitchen drawer organization.

I recently saw a Tik Tok where someone shared a drawer organizer that seriously blew my mind and 100% inspired this post. I can’t find it now (so if anyone can, PLEASE send it my way!) but he was sharing this kitchen drawer organizer that was more vertical than it was wide (you have to see it to understand). Essentially, a wayyyyy better use of space than the classic drawer organizer that goes all the way across. Genius, right?!

Anyways, that sent me into a deep dive of all things kitchen drawer organization ideas, so of course I had to round them all up into a post and share them with y’all!

First things first, we’re going over things you need to think about when organizing your kitchen drawers!

How many drawers do you have to organize with? The less you have the more you need to get creative and make sure you’re being as efficient as possible!

What are the sizes of them? That means length, width, AND depth. Important when figuring out the organizers that will actually fit in the drawer and will be helpful to avoid as much as possible things getting stuck when opening

What items will you be storing within the drawers? Is it strictly silverware? Cutlery? Other miscellaneous cooking utensils? Foil, parchment paper, ziplocks, and other similar items? Junk? Spices? Tupperware?

What currently is stored within the drawers that might work better elsewhere? Is one used for oven mitts that could be hung up?

What can you get rid of before organizing? 4 sets of measuring spoons? Random pieces of silverware that don’t match? That jagged knife that got caught in the disposal? Take a quick look through the drawers before you start organizing and ditch what’s wasting your space!

kitchen drawer organization ideas

Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

There are so many great products out there to give you kitchen drawer organization ideas and making the best of the space. I wish that we had more so that we could use more of these, but I already have some ideas from this post on how I could better use the few that we do have!

Quick tip before diving in – there are plenty of options for tension rod dividers that can be used in kitchen drawers. Depending on what you’re organizing and the space you have to organize with, those might be your best bet! They allow for much more freedom when organizing a drawer, but still allow you to use the space more efficiently and without items thrown in and all over the place.

Another tip – drawer sized bins can be another quick and easy way to add some efficiency to your kitchen drawers. They come in narrow and wide sizes, and allow you to use up the space in a more ordered way.

If you have a shorter drawer, I would recommend sticking with the tension rods, so you’re not using up and of the height with the bins!

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Of course, this is the most classic way to use drawers in your kitchen. I think we’re all familiar with the typical drawer organizer, but if not, I’ll share a few good ones below. Definitely important to have some type of organizer in there so you’re not rifling through every time you need to find a piece of silverware!

Depending on the measurements if your silverware drawer, you have plenty of options when it comes to picking an organizer for the space. There are a wide variety of sizes, so no matter the size, there is something that will fit your drawer. Including if you’re limited on space – grab that narrow one by Joseph Joseph I mentioned above!! Also linking it below.

Before grabbing one be sure to measure the drawer, take inventory of how much you’ll be keeping in the drawer, and figure out how many slots you’ll need within the organizer. Ours has the typical vertical slots, with one wide horizontal slot across the top where we keep our measuring spoons and jar lids.

Another important reason to measure the drawer first is to make sure you get an organizer that fits the space EXACTLY, or as exact as possible. Sometimes there can be weird gaps on the sides, and that ends up being wasted space. If you’re going to have to leave some space, try to leave the most possible so you can actually use it!

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Keeping your spices organized in a drawer ensures they’re always within reach, and often it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. The tiered spice racks can be nice for cabinets and other spaces, but they make it a little difficult to see all the spices you have.

There are a few different options for spice drawer organization, some racks, some liners (that have some grip to them so your spices won’t slide all over the place). Wide variety of sizes to fit any kitchen drawer!

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Foil, Parchment Paper, Saran Wrap, etc.

These don’t need any type of organizer really, although a basic small bin or tension divider could be helpful if it’s a drawer used for multiple things. But since all of these products tend to be the same shape and in their own container, they work to just place right next to each other!

Pro tip – make sure when shopping for those items to be aware of the size. We grabbed a foil recently because it was on sale without realizing it was a much longer size. It only fits in the drawer at a diagonal, messing up everything else inside the drawer! Not a big deal, but kind of annoying, and I didn’t even realize there were different lengths of foil!

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There are a few different options depending on if it’s the typical drawer size, or one of the deeper types of drawers.

If it’s a typical drawer, then you likely can’t store the bottoms of the tupperware unless they are small. However, it could be a great place to store the lids and keep them neat and tidy. This could be either with an organizer or tension rods!

If it’s a deeper drawer with much more room, that of course opens up the options and gives you the options for organizers (or tension rods) that ensure the space is used efficiently.

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Do not recommend just keeping your knives loose in a drawer, that is a recipe for disaster! There are a bunch of options when it comes to knife blocks drawer inserts that will safely store all of your knives, and also keep them much more compact so you can efficiently use the rest of the space in the drawer for something else!

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Cooking Utensils

The miscellaneous cooking utensils can be some of the toughest to organize, especially the ones that seemed to be designed specifically to jam up the drawers (looking at you, potato masher!)

However, if you end up just throwing them in the drawer, they all get mixed up and jam even more, making it impossible to both open up the drawer and find whatever it is that you need!

kitchen drawer organization utensils

Since these utensils are typically a wide variety of sizes, using tension rods or bins to organize this space is probably your best bet!

Pro tip – ditch the bulky potato masher for this flat one!! No more jammed drawers, no matter the size!

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Pots & Pans

If you happen to have the deeper set drawers, there are some really great ways to organize your pots, pans, and lids within the drawer so you’re easily able to grab whatever you need. These can be tough items to organize since they are so bulky, but organizers ensure they are put away nicely, easy to grab, and not stacked in a way that causes any damage to the others!

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Kitchen Towels + Oven Mitts

Only so much you can do with oven mitts since they are on the bulky side and can’t really be condensed in anyway, but using a tension rod allows you to stack them as much as possible, or at least keep them to one side of the drawer so they’re not all over the place.

Same goes for kitchen towels, however there are ways to fold them so they’re easier to access and more condensed. This post shares ways to fold and store your kitchen towels like Marie Kondo! (in case you don’t know, she is the decluttering and folding queen!!)

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Junk Drawer

We all have one, some might be junk-ier than others. Sometimes you just need a drawer for all the miscellaneous stuff! Totally okay, but resist the urge to throw it all in there otherwise you’ll never find what you need and likely will forget what’s even in there.

This is another great place to either use tension rods or some variety of sizes of bins to keep the contents of your junk drawer from becoming a complete mess!

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Alright, those are all of the kitchen drawer organization ideas I have to share! You likely don’t even need to change all that much to make better use of the space and eliminate the jumbled up mess that kitchen drawers can sometimes become. I hope this gave you some inspiration and ideas on how you can organize and make the best use of your kitchen drawers!

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