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I’m super excited to be sharing with y’all my coffee bar reorganization today! If you saw my Linen Closet Reorganization post, you know I’m in the process of basically trying to reorganize my entire apartment. I’m SO over every space being overrun by clutter, but it’s definitely a project figuring the best way to organize everything. Hopefully this gives you a little inspo on reorganizing whatever cluttered space you have going on!

Having a little coffee bar area of our kitchen has always been something very important to me and Scott because, well, we’re biiiiig time coffee drinkers/caffeine addicts, whatever you want to call it  ?Even in our teeny kitchen at our previous house, we made sure there was space for both of our coffee machines.

We’ve had a Keurig and Nespresso for years now, and both are used pretty much daily. In our newest apartment, I placed it in one corner of the kitchen, but truly never really loved it. It took over so much counter space, wasn’t cute, and seemed so bulky. 

Side note – we absolutely love both of our coffee machines, and highly recommend them!

We already had those drawers that go underneath the Nespresso and Keurig, for the K Cup and Pod storage, so we used them. Although they were great for storage, they had to go. Way too bulky, and took up SO much counter space, even though I had them stacked.

I have seen the drawers with glass tops, that in my opinion, look way more chic. But still they do take up a lot of space on the counter, and I wanted to try and find a different way to store our coffee. And since we need storage for both types of coffee machines, drawers weren’t going to work.

In the corner of our kitchen, I basically used it as a catch-all for random things/foods that didn’t have a place in a cabinet or drawer. Obv, a real inefficient use of that space as well, but I feel like it’s really tricky to figure out how to use that corner well. Just clearing out that space made a huge difference in the kitchen, clutter wise. I mean, of course it did. That was just a clutter corner. Happy to ditch that!

I decided to move the Nespresso and Keurig over to the corner and love it SO MUCH more than our previous set up. It cleared up an enormous amount of counter space, the kitchen feels so much less cluttered now – which was really my main problem. Plus, the Keurig seems like the perfect fit for the awkward corner!

The various coffee related knick knacks that were on the K Cup storage drawers I put into cabinets because they weren’t things we used on a regular basis, and just took up space. I may end up getting rid of them all together, we don’t really use them at all, and I’m over keeping items in any part of my house for “just in case” reasons. I think If I go another few months without using them, it’s time to donate.

My goal for anything that stays on the counter is to only be items we use daily, so we always need them out. Otherwise, away into a cabinet, or off to the goodwill they go.

For my K Cup and Nespresso Pod storage, I found this slant jar at the Container Store, but I linked the same one from amazon. It might not work if you have a LOT of K Cups, since those are kinda big. We have a mix of Nespresso Pods and K Cups, and it seems to be working out just fine. Since it’s glass it’s easy to see what we’re grabbing for.

I definitely think the glass looks a lot more chic and way less bulky than the drawers. They hold more than you’d think, too. It’s been the perfect solution for us!

For the coffee grounds that we use with our reusable K Cups, I got this jar also at Container Store, but any glass jar would work! Mini pumpkin not included ?

It’s a work in progress! But, I’m so happy with the results so far. I feel a real difference going into my kitchen now that there is so much less clutter, do you know what I mean? Definitely motivating me to keep on going with this entire apartment organization project I’ve decided to take on!

If you’re looking to declutter your counters, or any area in your home, I definitely recommend a few things:

  • Take a look at the space as a whole, see what areas could be better utilized.
    • Are you using the space efficiently? Are some areas very cluttered? Do those cluttered areas house items you use daily, or has it become a catchall for items that don’t really have a home?
    • It can help to remove all the items from the area and take a look at what is crucial to have out, what could be put away, and what could be donated. You can play around with putting different things in different spaces, and see what looks best, and which is the most efficient use of the space.
  • What are you using as storage?
    • Is it adding to the clutter and bulk, like my storage drawers were, or truly helping you organize the space?
    • Is there something else you could use to store your items that maybe would help the space look more tidy?
  • For kitchen counters in particular, I prefer the least amount of items on the counter as possible. If you’re like me, you could identify which items you use every day and need out, and which you only use occasionally, and could be put away into a cabinet.
    • Once you put things away, after a few months if you haven’t used them, it may be time to consider donating.

I hope these tips help give you a jumping off point on decluttering your own spaces! If you have any decluttering tips of your own, I’d love for you to leave them down below for every one to see!

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