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Back at it with the whole need to organize my entire apartment thing, this time working on my pantry and coat closet! If you’re curious what else I’ve tackled, here are both my Coffee Bar Reorganization and Linen Closet Reorganization.

I’m in full on ORGANIZE-all-the-things mode, combined with DECLUTTER-all-the-things, and I’m not going to lie, I’m totally getting addicted to all things organizational. There’s just nothing like taking apart a cluttered space, and rebuilding it from the ground up with bins and baskets so everything has a nice and tidy place. Sorta gives you what I imagine a runners high would be like, minus all the cardio…..and yes, I’m exactly as cool (and in shape) as I’m sounding right about now ***sarcasm***

ANYWAYS. Out coat closet was a disaster. Like the I’m embarrassed to show you the before pictures kind of disaster. It doubled as a pantry for us as well, since it’s pretty big and our cabinet space was somewhat limited. We have a cabinet in our kitchen we use for more every day kinda food items, and then the coat closet housed extras, bulk items, and alcohol we store but never drink. Our cabinet we used as a pantry wasn’t in great shape either, things always got just thrown back in there and so it was hard to tell what we actually had.

Before – WHY am I putting this on the internet. Don’t judge me.

I had a hanging sweater organizer that we used, but it never worked well. It was always leaning so things fell out all the time, and couldn’t hold that much either. I knew I wanted to get a shelving unit, so I went to Target to see what I could find.

They have some wire shelving units of various heights and widths that I knew would be perfect for what I wanted, and grabbed the 3 Tier Wide unit. It is kinda heavy, but I was able to get it in my cart just fine. I did have Scott bring it in though. Assembly took a few minutes, really easy. Only $35 and has so much room on it! They each come in black and chrome. Highly recommend!

It fit in our coat closet perfectly, and can fit so much! It feels really heavy duty too, so I think it will last us for a long time. I also grabbed some plastic shoe boxes to use as our bins, since they were only $1 each. I was hoping they’d fit in the cabinet too, but they’re too big. I really want to grab some of these bins, but they’re so pricey for just a clear plastic bin!! I can’t justify spending that, at least not right now. Those are my dream bins though

Signs I’m an old lady – has dream plastic pins for organizing.

You can see in my pictures how I organized everything on the shelves, and in the cabinet as well. I think some bins in the cabinet would help too, because a few weeks later the cabinet isn’t nearly as organized as it is in the pictures *cough* thanks, Scott *cough*

Bulk items. Sauces & Dressings. Tea. Wine we never drink.
Baking supplies & various kitchen chopping tools

And there ya go! Looks so much better, and is much much much more functional than the absolute disaster we had going on before! It’s still working out really well for us a few weeks later too.

Thoughts? Critiques? Criticisms? Always happy to have your suggestions on how I can better use the space! I’m certainly no pro when it comes to organizing, I’m just making it up as I go, so if you have any tips, please leave them in the comments!

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