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FYI – this post has been updated to reflect my current thoughts in February of 2020.

I’ve been wanting to make the switch to natural deodorant for a while now, but never felt like making the commitment to figure out which worked best. I had dabbled in it a few years ago, and tried one that was SO bad I honestly had very little hope that any natural deodorant would ever work for me.

But, this year, I decided to finally make the switch and intended on try them all until I finally found what worked.

I tried one last year, Lavanilla, and I really liked that one. Smelled nice, lasted a decent amount of time. Definitely made me think there was hope for me in the natural deodorant department. But, I had this feeling that come summer, it wouldn’t work as well as I wanted it to. I’d still recommend it though. Plenty of people LOVE it, so it’s worth a shot if you’re interested.

However, I ended up trying a new one, recommended by Lauren McBride (all time fave) and was immediately HOOKED!

(spoiler alert – this feeling changed)

Enter, Native deodorant.

They had a 40% off sale a few months ago so I decided to finally try them and I purchased the coconut vanilla scent, which smells SO good. I thought I’d have to have a transition period where my body adjusted to using Native, but either I didn’t, or I was adjusted enough from previously using Lavanilla.

By transition period I mean that often when you’re switching to natural deodorant, it can take your body some time to get adjusted to that type of formula. It’s recommended to do a mask on your underarms to help with this, but I didn’t need to do that.

But this stuff WORKS! Seriously, from day one I was immediately so impressed. Lasts all day.

Even when I wasn’t using natural deodorant, I always felt like whichever brand I was using worked, but not as well as I’d want it to. I haven’t experienced that at all with Native, which is SUCH an unexpected plus for me. I thought I was destined for my body chemistry to interact weirdly with deodorant, but I guess not!

I will say though, there was a few days randomly where I think it was irritating my skin. (where the problems started…) I had been using a cheap razor, so I think that brought it on. But after a few days it went away and hadn’t happened again, so I’m not totally sure it even was Native. (it definitely was Native)

Also, it can be a little on the crumbly/messy side, but nothing too bad. All the positives totally outweigh that for me personally.

And fyi – made in the USA, free of aluminum (duh) and parabens! And it’s cruelty free. OH, and they do free shipping and free returns, so really nothing to lose. They have a regular and sensitive skin formula, and scents for men and women. They also do variety packs in case you’re not sure what scent to try.

If you are already using Native, let me know below! And, let me know if you decide to make the switch. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews, so I’m sure you’ll love it too!

PS – Native is now carried at Target!


Alright so that irritation kept on happening, especially going into the spring and summer. It got to the point where I had tried everything to avoid being irritated – not applying after shaving, not applying right out of the shower, applying it as gently as possible, waiting for the rash to completely clear before applying again, but nothing worked.

And for as well as Native worked for me when there was no irritation, it did NOT work when there was. I shouldn’t have been applying to irritated skin, and don’t recommend doing that, it probably says not to on the packaging.

However I’m not about to go deodorant free!

I contacted Native, and give them major props for their great customer service. Since I had purchased 2 sticks, they said they would send me 2 new sticks of their sensitive formula as replacements, completely free!

They did not break me out in a rash or irritate my skin, however they also weren’t as effective as the original formula for me personally.

Apparently it’s pretty common to have a reaction to the regular formula. It’s usually a reaction to the baking soda.

My final recommendation? If you don’t have sensitive skin, I still do recommend Native. It worked really well for me initially!

If you do have sensitive skin, I’ve found the most luck with Lume deodorant. Currently using that, and I’ve posted a thoroughly Lume deodorant review on my cruelty free blog, if you’d like to read all of my thoughts. But the summary is that it works really well and causes 0 irritation!

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