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My Love Language series is continuing today, and I am tackling the Quality Time Love Language. If that is what your significant other has, keep reading for ideas to start incorporating, and tips on how to develop it as a habit.

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Want to read more about all of the Love Languages, click HERE for the book! I always suggest picking up a copy if you haven’t already. It’s great for both you and your partner to read. Very helpful in understanding the importance of the Love Languages, and how beneficial it is to incorporate into your relationship.

Quick summary of the book, or a recap if you need a refresher: We all have a Love Language, and it’s how we need love to be shown to us. It’s totally different person to person. We need our significant other to learn how to “speak” this language, for us to feel loved in the relationship. Vice versa for your significant other as well.

The Quality Time Love Language is simple. It basically breaks down into two things, and for both, the key is to remove all of the distractions, and give them your full attention.

The first is spending designated time together, whether that’s a weekend away, a regular date night, or even just 10 minutes in the morning drinking your coffee together. The most important part is to remove distractions and give them your undivided attention.

Checking your phone here and there while on a date may seem totally harmless to you. But, if your significant other’s Love Language is Quality Time, all those little distractions can add up and harm your relationship.

The quality time love language means removing distractions like your phone.

The second is the little moments you spend together throughout the day, that might not be designated per se, but still are important. The key, once again is giving them your full attention.

Put the phone away. Turn off the TV. Pause what you’re doing, and give them your attention. Not realistic for every single part of your day, and that’s not necessary either. But make sure there are parts of your day where you’re giving them your full attention.

Just as I’ve said with previous Love Language posts, asking your significant other what type of Quality Time means the most to them is a great way to find out what you should be doing more of.

If they’re not totally sure, try out some of the ideas below. Ask them which they enjoyed the most and made them feel the most loved. Make a mental note and incorporate those more into your daily routine!

A little trial and error may be necessary at first, but the effort will be appreciated, and eventually you’ll figure out how to make your significant other feel happiest and loved.

Girl giving significant other her full undivided attention

I recently published The Best At Home Date Night Ideas and any one of those would be a good idea on how to spend some quality time together. I sprinkled in a few in the list below, but check out that post if you want to see more!

Quality Time Love Language Ideas:

  1. Schedule regular date nights
  2. Take a long drive with good music
  3. Take a cooking class together
  4. Find the free events in your area
  5. Have dinners together where the TV is off and phones are away
  6. Plan a weekend away together
  7. Go to a local theater
  8. Put any distractions away when they’re talking to you
  9. Have regular walks you take together after dinner or first thing in the morning
  10. Go to a wine + painting night together
  11. Cook dinner or bake dessert together
  12. Invite them along to any errands you need to run
  13. Go to a local food fest
  14. Have a board game night
  15. Take a road trip together
  16. Make a bucket list of things you want to do that year or that season, and work your way through the list
  17. See if they’d want you to join in on their hobbies
  18. Start your mornings together with uninterrupted time drinking coffee or having breakfast
  19. Walk around a farmers market together
  20. Set an alarm for 10 minutes early to spend time together in bed before starting your day
  21. Have regular weekends away together, staycations or elsewhere
  22. Have an exercise routine you do together
  23. Go on hikes every weekend exploring new local trails
  24. Do a puzzle together
  25. Attend a concert
  26. Look up all the best spots (type of food, coffee, whatever your favorites are) in your area and check off each
  27. Fix up your garden together
  28. Go to a sports game in your area together
  29. A date in the park with a picnic, or playing frisbee
  30. Have a date night in with games, movies, cooking dinner together – put away the distractions

Adding in more Quality Time to your relationship isn’t too difficult really. You just need to be mindful of the time you’re already spending together, and seeing if there’s room to remove any distractions, and improve the time spent.

I hope this was a helpful list for anyone who has a significant other with Quality Time as their Love Language. If you have any addition ideas or tips, please leave them below!

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