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Bathroom counter organization is so important to implement in your household! Those counters can easily turn into an cluttered mess if you don’t have a system in place. It doesn’t even seem to matter if it’s a teeny sink or double vanity, there is something about a bathroom counter that just attracts all the clutter.

Especially can be the case if you tend to be a bit of a beauty product order like myself! But even if you just have a few essentials, having a good bathroom counter organization system in place is always a good idea.

Sharing below a few tips on how to make sure your bathroom counter is as streamlined as possible, as well as genius ways on how you can organize the space! Doesn’t matter the size, there is definitely something that will easily fit in whatever bathroom counter situation you have!

Bathroom Counter Organization Tips

Keep The Daily Essentials

There are a lot of products to keep and store within the bathroom. Whether it’s beauty, medicine, hygiene products, there are quite a few! But if you turn to your counter for storage of them all, you’re bound to be left with an overcrowded situation.

I really try to keep my bathroom counter as clear as possible, with only a few daily essentials on top. I have my skincare products in a little basket underneath the skin so I can put it all in there and store it out of the way.

Keep as much as you can out of the way, especially if it isn’t a product you use every day. And for everything you do keep to keep on the counter, keep it as streamlined and efficient as possible (more on that below!)

Put Things Away When You’re Done

I know I can’t be the only one guilty of not putting things back and leaving them on the bathroom counter. I have makeup sitting on my bathroom counter right now! The bathroom is where I typically will do my makeup, and it’s all too easy to not take the few seconds to put it away after I’m done. Over time, the counter just fills up and up and up with ALL the makeup products. Don’t be like me, put them away!

Same goes for hair tools. Those take up so much space! Let them cool first, but be sure to put them away.

Anything you know doesn’t belong on the counter on a day to day basis, put it away asap so it doesn’t accumulate or take up unnecessary counter space.

Keep Decor to a Minimum + Decorate With Organization

Definitely don’t feel like you need to eliminate all decor if that’s something you like and enjoy! But keeping your decor to a minimum can definitely help with clutter, particular any decor that sits right on the counter.

One way around this is to decorate your bathroom through the organizational products you’re using to streamline the counter situation! There are so many stunning organizing products that can serve as your decor AND your way of keeping the space tidy.

Also, use that wall space as much as possible for the decor you like!

Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

Over The Sink

over the sink bathroom counter organization
one | two | three | four

If the actual counter space itself is limited, having some storage that goes over the sink itself helps to keep things a bit more streamlined and off of the counter!


stacked shelving bathroom counter organization ideas
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If you have to use some counter space, going up is definitely a good plan rather than spreading out. Having stacked storage of some kind maximizes your space and allows you to increase how much you can store without taking up more counter space. Win win!

Hung on the Wall

hung bathroom counter organization ideas
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This one is probably the ideal situation if you’re wanting to keep as much off the counter as you can! Hanging the storage you need obviously leaves the counters clean, and utilizes your bathroom space efficiently.


bathroom counter organization hacks with trays
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Another way to use the counter space but in a way that keeps it streamlined and less all over the place! Having a tray can be a way to incorporate some decor, same with whatever container you choose to place on the tray. Keep the necessities, and limit yourself to storage only within the tray!

You can also add a few cute jars or containers depending on what you are storing within the tray! These mason jars would be cute, or these acrylic jars!

Corner Shelf

bathroom counter organization ideas using corner shelves
one | two | three | four | five

Utilizing a corner shelving unit can be a good way to add more space but keep things as out of the way as possible. Another good place to go up with storage, instead of out onto the counter!

Shelf Over Outlets

shelf over your outlets is a need to know bathroom counter organization hack
one | two | three | four

Although these shelves are small, these could work so well for anything you need to charge and to help keep it off of the counter! Charging items can easily get in the way, but this can definitely help with that problem!

Tension Rod with Hanging Containers

tension rods are great for bathroom counter organization
one | two | three

Might not be doable in all bathrooms, but depending on what yours looks like, implementing a tension rod with hanging containers can

I hope this was helpful and gave you some good ideas for how you can more efficiently organize your bathroom counter, and ditch the counter clutter for good!

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