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I’ve previously shared a closet and kitchen decluttering post, and now we’re moving onto the bathroom. I feel like sometimes the bathroom clutter can be a sneaky kind, because it’s all hidden in the various cabinets, drawers, linen closets, etc. But suddenly when it’s time to find something that you keep in the bathroom, you’re reminded just how disorganized and cluttered everything is!

Just me?

I am super guilty of having bins within my linen closet or underneath my sink, which gives the illusion that it’s nicely organized. But when you look closely you’ll realize I’ve literally just thrown things into these bins.

Btw, here is the post from when I previously organized my linen closet (currently in need of doing that again!) In there I link all the bins I used to organize everything, if you are in need of some affordable yet sturdy options!

Here is another post filled with affordable bathroom organizational products!

SO, this is my current project I’m working on. And as I decluttered and work through the mess, I realized how many items were in the bathroom that could easily just be tossed. Sharing them below if you need some help getting started with your bathroom decluttering as well!

Of course this is going to vary person to person, since there is a wide variety of storage spaces available dependent on the bathroom. I personally have a huge under the sink cabinet, a single drawer, and a big linen closet. Just for reference!

Expired Medicine

Holding onto some ancient bottle of Advil for no apparent reason? Or a bottle of Tums that is so old the labels look different than the current ones? Yeah, toss those.

Medicine can lose effectiveness when they expire! Go ahead and treat yourself to some new medicine.

If you notice that you have a good deal of expired medicine, make a note of that, and when it’s time to repurchase get a much smaller size.

Bath & Body Products You Know You’ll Never Use

We all have them stashed somewhere. Products we’ve tried and didn’t like, but held onto because we didn’t want to just throw it away. Products half used but then you found a new one that you liked SO much better, so you just kept the other in a cabinet somewhere. Products that were gifted, but you know won’t work well for you. Or some other reason you have beauty products that go unused, but just sit there taking up space. DITCH ‘EM.

If it’s a bit used but you know it’s just not going to work for you, pass it along to a friend or family member who you think it might work for!

If it’s unopened and unused, but you just know it isn’t going to be for you, or you have a different product you like more, you can always donate that item to a women’s shelter, or other type of place that accepts those donations.

Expired/Old Bath & Body Products

Similar to the above, but in this case, just toss them.

YES beauty products have expiration dates. Some of them actually have them stamped on the product. But chances are if you have a product and you can’t remember when or where you got it, it might be a good idea to toss it.

Nail Polish That Never Apply Right + Shades You Don’t Use

Maybe it’s old and just doesn’t have the same consistency that it used to, or the brush got weird from so many uses. Or it’s just a shade you thought would work for ya, but you never use it. GET RID. What’s the point of holding onto something you’re never going to use?

All The Multiples

I feel like the bathroom can become the land of all the multiples. For me, it’s because I’ll misplace something and buy a new one, and then the old one will show up. But do I need multiples of all of these items? Definitely not.

Do you need 4 sets of fingernail clippers? 3 different kinds of soap dishes?

Hair Tools You Don’t Use

How many hot hair tools do you really need? Take a second to think about the ones you actually use versus the ones that sit there taking up space. I definitely still have my crimper from when I was like a kid basically….why tho?? I haven’t touched it in prob 2 decades!!

Anyways, they are bulky and there’s no reason to hold onto them if you don’t use them! Time to donate.


We all get sucked into the spa type of appliances that are typically sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or were a deal of the day on Amazon, and then just sit there. Sometimes still in the packaging.

Are you really going to use that at home steamer, water flosser, or foot bath? If you use it, of course keep it! But if it is just sitting around collecting dust, toss or donate.

Towels You Avoid Using

Does it smell funky? Does it not absorb moisture all that well? Is it ratty? Do you just avoid using it for no reason in particular?


Gunked Up Cleaning Products That Go Unused

This might also fall in the multiples category because I feel it’s pretty common to have multiples of cleaners for no apparent reason. But if they’re gunky, ancient, generally gross, or you just don’t use them, toss!

Condense The Bandaids

This might only apply to those with kids, but when I nannied it drove me crazy how they had 100 boxes of bandaids with a variety of characters to choose from. So, with permission, I condensed all the bandaids into one single box and it became a fun surprise for the kids to see which character they would get!

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  1. Most home owner’s problem is how much stuff is being stored and added in the bathroom making it cluttered. Your guide on how to fix and declutter your entire bathroom is really helpful and doable. Thanks for sharing such awesome and unique ideas.

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