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Anyone else in serious need of decluttering their bedroom? We have gotten pretty good about keeping the kitchen and more common areas of our apartment tidy, but something about the bedroom just makes you feel like you can throw all your stuff in there and deal with it “later”. We all know later doesn’t ever come though. Am I the only one all too guilty of this?!

If guests are coming over, I will do my best with tidying up the living/dining room situation, and some of that involves throwing miscellaneous items into the bedroom and shutting the door. Laundry piles?! Yup, somewhere in the bedroom. Bottom of my closet has a few too many items I need to hang up. It’s a dangerous trap!

The bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up, and the last thing you see before falling asleep. I can feel such a huge difference when being in a cluttered room versus a clean and tidy room. My brain is cluttered enough as it is, and there’s just something about being in a uncluttered room that puts my mind at ease.

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Rounding up the places and items you need to either declutter, toss, or find a better system for!

bedroom declutter

Clutter Around and In Your Nightstand

I don’t know about you, but my nightstand is one of those catch-all spaces I really need to be mindful of, both in the drawers and on top. When I empty out my purse, I usually throw stuff there, and my purse is a definitely not my most organized possession. Plus, various times throughout the day I’ll put random hair bands, receipts, a variety of lotions I use before bed, etc. there, with that all too dangerous thought of “I’ll deal with that later.”

Most of that stuff has a place elsewhere (typically just the trash can tbh), but I usually decide to be lazy instead of deal with it. Or I’m in a rush out the door!

I am really trying to keep the top of my nightstand clear mainly because I hate how it looks when it’s covered with stuff. I feel a big difference when it’s cleared off!

What’s your nightstand look like? Do you have a few too many things thrown on top or stuffed inside?

Extra Decorative Pillows

I personally am not a huge decorative pillow fan. Maybe that means I’m not fully an adult yet??? I don’t know. The occasional one, sure. Maybe it ties things together a bit. But a whole mess of pillows you have to throw on your bed in the morning or off of your bed at night………I’ll be honest I don’t get it.

So for my fans of decorative pillows, I apologize if this offends you. But maybe a few less on your bed will clear up your space a bit!

Anything That Doesn’t Belong

If you are also guilty of having your bedroom be a catch all space for miscellaneous stuff, then you know how quickly clutter can pile up. Take the minute to put things away instead of throwing it in your bedroom! Otherwise you’ll end up with a whole bunch of stuff you have to deal with, that wouldn’t have taken so long if you had just put it away in the first place.

Laundry Chair

Maybe it’s a chair, the top of your dresser, a pile on the floor, or some combination.

Laundry is the worst right?! But I have found it’s typically the case that if I don’t put it away immediately, then it will stay on in our laundry pile for waaaaay way way too long. It piles up each week and becomes an even more overwhelming thing on my to-do list. NOT to mention the fact that when I have clothes all over my floor, it doesn’t exactly help the room look all that tidy.

Put it away right away and ditch the laundry chair!

Dirty Laundry

Now that we’ve gone over the clean laundry, what does your dirty laundry system look like? Do you have a dirty laundry pile to match your clean laundry pile? Baskets upon baskets or an overflowing hamper? Is it an efficient system, or is there some room for improvement?

We have found this laundry sorter to work really well for us. We keep ours in the bathroom, and really make an effort to KEEP all the dirty laundry in those bins and not overflowing. Even if you keep yours in the bedroom, it helps the dirty laundry be a much more streamlined situation!

And if you’re guilty of throwing dirty laundry onto the floor instead of the hamper, work to break that habit! Take the extra 10 seconds to put it where it belongs and help to clear off anything that doesn’t belong on the floor.

Stuff On Your Dresser

Another place that can tend to accumulate stuff! Although it can be great to utilize that space, you want to be careful that it’s not another catch all space!

I would probably rather keep my dresser clear with maybe a picture frame or two, and some minimalist jewelry storage. But I have quite the makeup stash, and that’s where it makes the most sense to keep it. I really try to keep that as neat and tidy as possible, so I use a cosmetic storage case to try and streamline things. Instead of lots of containers taking up lots of space all along your dresser, go up with your storage, and stack where you can!

Stuff Under The Bed

If you have space underneath your bed, it can be a good idea to utilize that for storage. Nothing wrong with that! But, there’s a difference between throwing stuff under the bed and then completely forgetting what you ever put under there, and having a system.

We live in a 1 bedroom apartment, so I have to use all the space I can. I have found having a few under the bed bins help me be able to use that space efficiently. I can have a much better system in place, and it’s more streamlined and definitely less cluttered. Looks a lot more tidy to have things within those bins rather than piles stuffed underneath.

If you are utilizing underneath your bed, highly recommend having a few storage containers so you can use that space in a much more efficient way!

Too Many Chargers and Cords

First things first, if it doesn’t work anymore, toss it.

If you have quite a few devices and things to charge, streamlining your charging situation will help to eliminate the clutter that too many cords can create!

This one is great because you only have to plug in the charging station, and then can charge your phone, tablet, watch, Air Pods, and more! Takes up less space on your dresser or nightstand as well since all the devices lay nicely and compact.


Some people feel realllllly strongly about having a tv in the bedroom, so if that’s your thing and you’re sticking with it, you do you!

But keeping the TV out of the bedroom clears up a lot of space, looks better, and probably helps you sleep better! Just a thought 🙂

Writing this post has really made me realize JUST how much clutter I have to deal with in my own bedroom. It’s a clutter hot spot for sure! But avoiding some of those catch all areas and that super dangerous thought of “I’ll deal with that later” can be a big time game changer in avoiding a lot of the clutter that tends to accumulate over time!

What spaces do you feel you need to work on? Share in the comments below!

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