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Clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms can be a bit tricky to figure out. When you’re limited on space you really need to tap into your creativity and piece together what will make the most sense and how you can most effectively use your space. Easier said than done though!

clothing organization ideas

Whether it’s because you live in a teeny apartment, share a bedroom with your significant other or roommate, don’t have a closet, live in a dorm, or simply need tips how to effectively store your clothing, there is definitely a clothing storage solution for you. I’m going to be sharing all of the best clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms below and I know you’ll be able to find some tips you can use in there!

Before jumping into the clothing storage ideas, it’s important to figure out where in your small bedroom is there space to store your stuff. We’re going to be breaking down clothing storage ideas for each of these spaces and areas, but it’s a good idea before we do to know which you are able to take the most advantage of! Some of these you might not have even thought to use before, so read through and see what options you might have!

Don’t have a closet?! I know how tough that can make things. But even for my peeps who don’t have a closet to take advantage of, there are still plenty of clever clothing storage ideas you can try out and experiment with below!

Where Do You Have Storage?

Time to take inventory! Take a moment to scan your bedroom and see where are there opportunities to add storage or be more creative with what you’ve got. I bet there are some untapped areas somewhere!

Some ideas we’ll be going over:

  • Under the bed
  • Storage ottoman or bench
  • Drawers
  • Nightstand
  • Walls
  • Random nooks and crannies
  • Unused spaces in other parts of your home
small bedroom clothes storage

Where Do You Have Storage in the Closet?

There is a lot of room to be creative and clever when it comes to the closet as well! So take a quick peek at what you’ve got and I’ll be sharing below ideas on the following areas of the closet:

  • Shelving
  • Closet doors
  • Closet rods
  • Underneath clothing hung up

The Best Clothing Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Under The Bed

If you have a bed frame that allows for room underneath to use as storage, definitely take advantage! That is a great place to keep seasonal items not being worn, or anything at all really.

You could grab a vacuum sealer so items are packed as tightly as possible and you’re able to use as much of the space as you can. Another option is to grab some under the bed drawers so things can be kept organized. Bed risers might be helpful to explore so you can really take advantage of the space underneath the bed!

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Storage Ottoman or Bench

This might be unlikely if you have a small bedroom, but if you do have the space and desire to have either of these, it’s a good idea to make sure they allow for some storage inside them. Even if they are pieces outside of the bedroom, you should take advantage of the storage within them.

If you’re getting a storage bench for your entry way or near a window, have some room for bins or baskets to be stored underneath the seat!

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An obvious one is dresser, but the tip is to be really efficient with the storage within them to make sure you are maximizing the space as much as possible!

drawer organization

Highly recommend grabbing drawer organizers in order to help with organizing. Whether it’s bins or dividers, either way they can be very helpful in making sure everything is going where it needs to go, and you’re using the space in the best possible way.

And don’t forget about the space on top of the dresser! Grab some cute bins to put on top and use them for smaller items!

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Have some space in your nightstand?! Make use of it! Whether it’s a drawer, or an open space that a bin or basket could be placed in, make the most of that space and use it to store some of your clothing. Might be a good place for all of your cozy socks if you get cold at night!

Bedroom Door

Doors can be a great place to make good use of! There are a lot of options when it comes to door storage. So if you are tight on space, highly recommend trying to use up this untapped area!

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Behind the Door

They have these pieces that fit between the door and the wall and give you extra bits of storage on an otherwise wasted piece of real estate in the bedroom (or elsewhere!)

Wall Space

Don’t neglect your wall space! This can be especially true if you’re living somewhere that has a weird jut out or random piece of wall (I’ve found that to be the case at most apartments I’ve lived in.) Use it! There are so many options to utilize and something that will fit into your small bedroom.

There are regular shelves, corner shelving units, shelves with hooks underneath of them, and more. See what wall space you have available to you, and look into what storage could work for you!

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Random Nooks and Crannies

small bedroom closet organization

Sort of goes hand in hand with the point above, but take inventory of any unused and odd part of the bedroom. USE IT. There is something that can work in that space, I guarantee it. Whether it’s the wall, or perhaps a place for a cabinet or wardrobe, there’s something you can use in that space.

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Furniture that Doubles as Storage

There are lots of options to explore for pieces of furniture that offer storage already built in! So great for getting creative with clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms. We currently have a lamp that has shelves apart of it. If you’ve yet to buy a bed frame, perhaps one that offers drawers build in could be worth looking into. Or that lift up to give you storage underneath the mattress!

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Outside of the Bedroom

If you are really tight on space, don’t feel like you absolutely have to keep all your clothing storage within it! Use any and all space you have available to you no matter where it is in your home. Disguise clothing storage you don’t want seen in a cute basket and no one will know – would be great for any shelving you could put up!

Space underneath the couch? Use it! Kitchen cabinet gone to waste – USE IT! I know, I know, not necessarily ideal. But if you’re tight on space, it’s time to get clever when it comes to clothing storage ideas.

Closet – Shelving

Make sure you are taking full advantage of any closet shelving you have! One easy way to do that is using bins or shelving dividers. This way you can use that space to the max without having things falling all over each other. I prefer to use bins so I can easily grab them and pull them down to see the contents.

Also – if you have wire shelving and think you can’t use shelving dividers (like I did), there are dividers that work specifically with wire shelving. Sharing this simply because I had NO idea and recently found out! Linked below 🙂

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Closet – Doors

Don’t let this space go to waste. Especially true if you have doors that completely open up (not accordion or sliding). If you have closet doors that open, there are so many options you have for clothing, accessory, shoe, etc. storage.

However, if you have sliding or accordion, there are still options for you! Hooks can be places in between the slats on a folding door. Or command hooks can be used if there is a space to place those adhesives!

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Closet – Rods

Lots of options to try depending on what the closet rod situation looks like for you! You can add additional clothing rods, get a hanging organizer, or try collapsible hangers that take up less space.

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small closet organization ideas

Closet – Underneath Clothing

If you have plenty of hanging space, or simply an unused area underneath where the clothes are hanging, that would be a great place to add some clothing storage solutions!

Whether it’s drawers, if you have the room, or shoe shelving at the very bottom, it’s a great area to use if you’re low on space.

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Closet – Wall Space

It likely might be on the limited side, but command hooks can be great to utilize here! Hang up belts, hats, handbags, scarves, etc.

If you happen to have a good bit of wall space available to you, you of course could add in some additional shelving to add as much storage as possible!

Closet – Rearrange Shelving or Rods

If you have this option available to you, it might be helpful to do a bit of rearranging! Maybe you can make a closet rod higher or lower to add in more space, or move some of the shelves around.

Even if you’re in an apartment, you might still be able to do this! My mom recently moved into an apartment and had maintenance come and rearrange some of the shelving so that it worked better for her.

Those are all of the best tips on clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms! I hope this gave you some inspiration on how to organize and store your clothes in a more creative and effective way to maximize the space you do have, no matter how small!

Whether you do or don’t have a closet, there is still plenty of ways to store your clothing with a small bedroom. A big tip – try not to get too hung up on wanting to keep all clothing in the bedroom itself. Untapped areas outside of the bedroom are not to be missed!

Any need-to-know tips I missed?! Have a really good hack for clothing storage in a small bedroom? Please leave them below, we’d love to hear them and try them out for ourselves!

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