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Bringing you the absolute bathroom sink organization ideas that will help to streamline and simplify the space! Not to mention remove all the clutter and mess that can easily accumulate there. It’s all too easy to throw things under the sink to organize later or feel overwhelmed on how to actually make good use of the space with the piping and everything else going on underneath the bathroom sink.

However, there are a lot of tips and tricks to actually make really good use of that space and not let it go to waste or become a complete disorganized disaster! A lot of the time there is a good bit of space down there, and whether you are limited on space or not, don’t let it go unused!

under bathroom sink organization ideas

Don’t Make This Under Bathroom Sink Organization Mistake

Don’t go any buy a bunch of organizational products for under your bathroom sink without having a good idea of what will fit under there. With the piping going on, and sometimes build in shelves, it’s important to take some measurements to have a good idea of what will fit and what won’t.

You don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on stuff that won’t end up fitting under there! And you don’t want to waste your time grabbing products that won’t fit or work in that space.

Measure everything you can so you have a good idea BEFORE purchasing what will fit and what you need to avoid.

If you’re too impatient though (because I feel you), at least grab products that are customizable to fit into any under sink space with pieces that move around. I’ll share more on those below!

What Under Bathroom Sink Organization Products To Grab

There are a lot of different ways to go when organizing the space, and we are breaking them all down here so you can pick and choose what will work best for you!

Customizable Organizers

There are a variety of organizers that you can essentially move the pieces around for to tetris fit it underneath your sink! Makes things incredibly easy when dealing with difficult piping and all the other stuff that has to stay underneath the sink.

I had two that I love for underneath our kitchen and bathroom sink, but unfortunately they didn’t fit in our current apartment (because there was one built in shelf). But absolutely will be using them again whenever we move if I’m able to! Takes all the guess work out.

They are easy to put together and move around and ensure that you are making good use of that space without having to think about it or do much planning. Win win!

If you aren’t able or interested in one of the ready to go sets though, then the rest of these categories will allow you to pick and choose what you need and what will fit in your space!


Whether single or stacked, depending on the room you have, drawers can be a great option for using the space deep in the back of the cabinet without having to reach all the way in to use it. Simply place whatever the item is in the drawer, and you can easily pull it out to access it!

They also allow you to use the full height of underneath your sink when using stacked or taller drawers, so none of that goes to waste either. That can be untapped space!

I would recommend using drawers for items you access often. Using stackable bins can be helpful too, but usually you need to move them around to access anything in the lower bins. Drawers are always accessible, no matter what might be on top of them!

Plenty of drawers also come with a flat top, so you can utilize that space as well!

Stackable Bins

Another way to take advantage of the height underneath your bathroom sink! These can be a great option to explore, however, I would suggest only using these for items you don’t need to access very often. I think it likely would be quite annoying to constantly have to move bins around in order to get to what you needed.

Unless they all have an open front to them and you’re able to access the contents no matter if they are stacked or not!

This would be perfect for a more shallow bathroom sink area, where you don’t need to take advantage much of the depth.

Door Storage

Don’t forget about using this space! That’s prime real estate right there!!

Lots of options for hanging storage with hooks or some that are able to be secured onto the door with screws, command strips, etc.

They make these to just be bins to use for whatever you’d like, or some specifically made for storing your hot tools!

Stackable Shelves

Grabbing some stackable shelves are another great way to make sure you’re using the full height underneath your bathroom sink. Some come already stacked, others you can grab as many as you need to fit the space and customize it a bit more.

(don’t forget to measure!!!)

I would recommend grabbing a few bins to use on the shelves so things aren’t falling all over the place and can be neat and tidy. Either way, stacking shelves allow you to make good use of all the space you have underneath your bathroom sink.


Whether adding to shelves or using them all on their own, bins are my absolute go to for ensuring things all have a place and are put away in the most efficient possible way. Absolutely helps to keep the space organized and allows you to easily see whatever it is you need to find!

These also can be great for making sure you’re using the full depth of the underneath sink space. Having a bin you can easily pull out from the cabinet makes it really easy to store things in the back of the cabinet, but easy to access it too!

Lazy Susan Organizer

These are a go to in the organizational community – I see so many people using these to organize a wide variety of spaces! I personally don’t have any, but plan to grab some in the near future!

Since these typically have sections, it makes it really easy to organize anything you might need to underneath your bathroom sink. Since they rotate, access to any of the sections is easy as well!


If you’re storing lots of items in some type of container that isn’t clear, or you simply enjoy the aesthetic that labels can bring, definitely grab some to further simplify and streamline the space. Absolutely helps makes finding what you need a breeze!

Lots of different options for labels to explore no matter your taste or style – and so affordable too!

Tension Rods

A hidden gem for under bathroom sink organization ideas!

You can essentially create your own customizable organizational system like the ones mentioned above using these. Grab two and line them up in whatever way makes sense for the space and easily store your bins on top of them! Or grab a piece of wood or some type of board to have there be a flat space to store things on top or to place your bins.

Also, I’ve seen people use these as a way to store their cleaning products! For any cleaning bottle that has the spray nozzle, you can hang those bottles from a tension rod. This would be perfect for using the height of the sink area to your advantage.

Here are some pins for inspiration on how to utilize these yourself!

Cleaning Product Caddy

I know underneath the bathroom sink can be a go-to spot to store cleaning products. There are actually a bunch of caddies specifically meant for storing those so you can keep them all together and grab them when it’s time to clean easily!

Toiler Paper Organizer

One of the bulkiest items to store underneath the sink! Don’t let it take up the entire space under there. Grab a bin that allows you to stack as much as possible to keep the space it takes up to a minimum.


While this doesn’t help organize the space at all, it can be helpful to either add a bit of aesthetic flair, or ensure any moisture or drips are taken care of since you never know underneath the sink what could be going on!

Alright, now that we’ve outlined all the under bathroom sink organization ideas, which do you plan to try?! What will work the best in your space?

DON’T FORGET – measure!! Please measure before grabbing anything to try out. Trust me. I literally just bought something to use in a drawer and didn’t measure before and of course it doesn’t fit. Don’t be like me. Measure!

Do you have any go-to under the bathroom sink organization ideas?! I’d love if you shared them below so we can all learn from your words of wisdom!

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