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If you’re looking to organize/marie kondo/whatever the kids are calling it these days, your bathroom…YOU are in luck because I am rounding up different products that will help you organize your entire bathroom! Best part? We’re keeping things pretty affordable!

Organizational items can often be on the pricey side, and sometimes the cheap ones are exactly that…cheap. Flimsy. Don’t last ya very long. So I’ve hunted down the best of the best affordable, not cheap, organizational products so you can tackle the bathroom without breaking the bank. This is what adult dreams are made of, am I right?

Since every bathroom is different, I offered a variety of items for the various spaces. Scroll on through the items and see what would work best for your space. For example, at my current apartment, we have massive amounts of counter space, so I use some of that for storage. But, at our previous place, the counter space was extremely limited, so we figured out storage in different ways.

I think bathrooms can have the tendency to become a very cluttered space between all the products, cleaners, and whatever else we’re storing, so hopefully these items will give you some ideas on how to better organize, and ditch the clutter. Let’s get to it!

Under The Sink

I feel like this can be one of the hardest spaces to use efficiently, but typically has a lot of space if you use it properly. Between the piping and whatever else is under there, it can be a hard area to figure out how to properly utilize.

That’s why I highly recommend grabbing an under the sink organizer, or products made to be used that way, so you can use all that storage going on under there.

They make plenty that can be altered and fitted to go around your piping and give you some shelving space. Such an easy way to gain some big time storage space in the bathroom.

The first one below is one I already have 2 of, and highly recommend. Others are similar products, all highly rated, that can be used to organize underneath your sink.


I personally like to keep my counters as clean and clutter free as possible, but because we happen to have so much counter space I do have a little set of drawers on top for my every day necessities, and a basket sitting on top.

I recommend keeping the counters as free of clutter as possible, but if you need to put something on them for storage and organization, keeping it minimal.

Above The Toilet

This is another space that often goes unused, but is an easy way to give back some storage and help you have an organized bathroom.

It depends on if you have a towel rack or not, but there are many different options of pieces to put over the toilet.

Make sure it’s not too close to the lid of your tank though, because you still want to be able to access that if necessary.


Bathroom drawers often times get overstuffed with things you didn’t want on the counter, but didn’t yet have a proper place.

These are super easy to organize, just a few different shaped little bins, and you’ve immediately minimized all the clutter and can actually see what you have in your drawer. Make sure to measure the drawers before you buy!

We only have two, so Scott and I each get one. I keep all my skincare, and lady items in there, organized with a set of bins that fit perfectly in the space.

Medicine Cabinet

Another space where it’s easy to overfill and forget what you have, leaving it a cluttered and disorganized mess.

This is an easy fix, similar to the drawers, because a few organizers and bins make such a big difference.

Bath & Shower

Depending on how many products you use in the shower, or if you share one with a roommate, significant other, or whoever else, you definitely should look into some bath and shower organizers.

First of all, they can get very cluttered if you’re just storing them in the corner of the tub or shower. I used to do that, and every time I would put something back, something else would fall.

Plus, using an organizer eliminated some of the buildup that can accumulate by storing products. Less to clean = a win in my book.

Linen Closet

If you saw this post, you know that I totally reorganized my entire linen closet, and it was very affordable to do so. Also, very lucky I even have a linen closet, I know at plenty of apartments that isn’t the case. But if you have one, that post should give you a little easy inspiration on how to quickly make better use of that space.

Generally, I think using some type of bin or basket helps to see exactly what you’re storing, and you don’t really need to get all that much more fancy than that. For the door itself, using command hooks is a great way to store cleaning supplies, or grabbing an over the door organizer for various products.

I hope this gave you some ideas on where to start when it comes to organizing the various spaces in your bathroom! Definitely don’t feel the need to buy all the things and tackle it all at once. Focus on one area at a time so you can really figure out what you need, and how to best use that space!

Have any other ideas, tips, or tricks? I’d love if you left them below in a comment!

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