8 Things You Need To Get Rid Of In Your Closet

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It isn’t a cliché to have a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear for no reason. I know I’m not the only one guilty of having a packed full closet, and yet feeling like I can never piece together an actual outfit I like. I might be able to give my closet a quick scan and feel like I have a great collection, but when it comes time to get dressed in the morning I’m left exasperated, storming out and picking up the same tee shirt off the laundry chair that I wear every week.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I would much rather have a closet with 10 pieces I absolutely love, rather than 100 pieces I never want to wear, only useful to take up space and make my closet look full. Quality over quantity. I want less crap. I want to fill not just my closet, but my home with only the good stuff. No more filler. So I’m starting with the area with the most overflow. Clothes.

Aside from wanting to declutter, I have a move coming up. With that I realized I’d like to move as little as possible, so I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. It feels like I have so much to get rid of, yet when I stand in front of my closet to start the purging process, I find myself unable to actually pick off items to be donated or sold. So, I needed to toughen myself up and make some rules for getting rid of stuff.

    1. Anything with holes or stains you can’t get out
      • You’re not going to feel that great about yourself wearing clothes that are tattered up or stained. Do you even wear them out? They’re basically waiting in your closet for you to toss them.
      • PS – try to find cloth recycling instead of just throwing in the trash!
    2. Clothes with flaws you plan on fixing (but never do)
      • Maybe they were a past favorite, or just a regular item in rotation, but if it’s been months and you haven’t taken the time to fix it, or even missed it? Toss.
    3. Clothes you were gifted but never wear
      • Gifts can be harder because you feel guilty about giving them away. But, they were meant to be enjoyed, so if they’re just sitting there, you’re definitely not getting enjoyment out of them. Plus, do you think the person would really care if you were to give it away? Doubtful.
    4. Old tees you hang onto for memories
      • I have narrowed down my stack of my memory tee shirts to about 2 stacks that fit in a drawer, and I’d like to narrow it down even more.
      • How would you actually feel if it was gone, because I bet you wouldn’t miss it at all. It’s not like if you get rid of the shirt you get rid of the memories.
      • Don’t think you need to get rid of every single casual tee you have, but there are at least a few that don’t ever get worn or have a few too many holes.

  1. Socks, undies, bras in need of replacement
    • Holes and stains apply here for sure. And any that you’ve had for years probably could be in need of replacing. C’mon. Treat yourself, girl.
  2. Anything that hasn’t been worn in over 6 months
    • This can be where it gets difficult. I think a lot of people end up with a closet full of clothes they like, but few they actually want to wear. I know you might think that pretty tank you bought a year ago you’ll get around to wearing someday, but if you haven’t already, do you really think you’re going to?
    • I’m sure there are going to be some leftover pieces you find yourself keeping. Okay, fine. But move them to a place in your closet where you will see them. And if another month goes by and you still haven’t reached for any of them, maybe it’s time to reconsider the donate bin.
  3. Clothes that are too big or small
    • Maybe you’ve outgrown them, or lost weight. Maybe you buy clothing too small in hopes you will lose weight. Either way, you can’t wear them, and they just take up space. They don’t add any value to how you feel about yourself, so send them on their way to the get rid of pile.
  4. Clothes that make you uncomfortable
    • Maybe they fit you, but they’re scratchy, or too revealing, or hug places you’d rather them not hug, or whatever it may be, there is some negative quality to them that means you never reach for them. Get rid of!

Now, I’m not saying go ahead and throw out everything in your closet. Just trying to help you keep the really good stuff, that you’re excited to wear, and ditch the closet filler that hides your favorite pieces. Hopefully this gives you some ideas of where to start! Happy decluttering!

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  1. I’m in the exact same boat! I’m moving in January and it makes total sense to reduce the filler youre just carting some place new. Great post, definitely inspired me to cut back even more! X

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